Congressman Alan Grayson Honors the Dead

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October 28, 2009

This is Rep. Alan Grayson reading stories from the site

pt 2

pt 3

pt 4


Rachel Maddow: The Public Option + Sen. Ron Wyden + Reid Introduces His Opt-out Public Option Bill

A Canadian Look At U.S. Health Care + Flood Nancy Pelosi — It IS Up to Her

C-SPAN’s Washington Journal: Dennis Kucinich answers questions on Afghanistan, Health Care, and the Economy

8 thoughts on “Congressman Alan Grayson Honors the Dead

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  5. And now just compare that to this:

    ” Theirs is such an effective system that not a single member of the
    hypocongress has been willing to give it up — even though they surely
    realize the political peril of being exposed as rank hypocrites for
    enjoying the very program they so adamantly reject for you… “once sworn into office, lawmakers and thei…r families are immediately
    and fully insured, with total access to a national network of doctors
    and hospitals.
    But here’s the sweetest part of their Rolls Royce ride: up to 75
    percent of the premiums are paid for by taxpayers, many of whom are
    lucky if they can afford to buy an old Yugo-level of health coverage in
    the vaunted private market.”

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