Steve Williams: Organizing for the poor

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Williams: For over two decades poor people in the US have been criminalized and vilified.


Updated: Oct. 29, 2009

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Williams: Articulating demands and needs of working class people is what’s required from the movement

Updated: October 30, 2009

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TheRealNews on Oct 30, 2009

Williams: Over the last several years the left has been suffering from demoralization and demobilization


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2 thoughts on “Steve Williams: Organizing for the poor

  1. It is insulting–I was getting a newletter from ACORN, and, they sent me an email, where they just assumed I was Af Am. The majority of poor people in this country are “white”…Obama just calls the poor “aspiring middle class”–many, like myself, should be called former middle class, thanks to nelibcon policies!

    US Labor Unions, have, in my opinion, completely fallen down on the job. Unions is the EU, and, elsewhere, cant believe what our Unions will accept, in the name of Labor.

    “community organizing” is all fine and well, but, some things just need to be done on a national (or intl) level–like health care. The state “opt out” plan will ensure that I will opt out of voting Democrat again.

    We do bank bailouts at the fed level, political parties at the fed level, but, the poor must depend on local resources? That ensures future poverty. Jusrt like funding schools with local property taxes. (also charter schools, religious schools on tax money, etc)

    I cant believe this obsession–its NOT “all about Obama”, sheeples!

    “Racial solidarity shouldn’t act like Novocain for blacks “

  2. I can not believe this man is a co-founder of a progressive organization!! He is quite simply a racist and also prejudice. Does he assume that only African-Americans or Hispanic speaking people are poor and downtrodden??
    First he should know that Latina denotes a female of a particular culture… another indication of prejudice!!
    I have been called many things, but am most proud of being called a socialist/universalist unitarian!!
    There are already programs that exist that do all the things this man speaks of, programs that are far more progressive than any Democratic organization.
    They are Americas Labor Unions!! They haven’t given up on the people but it seems the people have given up on them…
    They offer training,benefits,employment… all it takes is members..

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