The Daily Show: Anna Baltzer & Mustafa Barghouti on Israel and Palestine

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The Daily Show

Oct. 28, 2009

Anna Baltzer and Mustafa Barghouti advocate a non-violent approach to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in this complete, unedited interview.—anna-baltzer—mustafa-barghouti-extended-interview-pt–1

Pt 2—anna-baltzer—mustafa-barghouti-extended-interview-pt–2


Here is a message from Anna Baltzer:

Dear friends,

Last night Dr. Barghouti and I were on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart talking about Palestine.

The show was overwhelmed with angry emails and phone calls prior to the appearance, and up until the last minute it seemed like they might cancel. During the taping the show had it’s only heckler in 11 years.The entire staff were very nervous and may come to regret the monumental decision (and not make it again) as they will surely be inundated now that the show has aired.

That is why it is CRUCIAL that the show receive letters of support from anyone who appreciated the interview.

PLEASE take a moment to give a quick thank you to the Daily Show. I’m sure they will likely be affected by numbers rather than length, so it’s OK to make it short, but spread the word to others! Be sure to put”Thank you” in the subject, and maybe Dr. Barghouti & my names. Fill out the form here: (make sure to choose The Daily Show with Jon Stewart as your topic).

The full, un-cut interview is available on the Daily Show homepage and will eventually be moved to:

Part I:—anna-baltzer—mustafa-barghouti-extended-interview-pt–1

Part II:—anna-baltzer—mustafa-barghouti-extended-interview-pt–2

This was a huge step for the movement. Again, please take a moment to fill out the form here: (make sure to choose The Daily Show with Jon Stewart as your topic).

I believe the interview wouldn’t have happened 3 years ago. Times are changing. Keep on keepin’ on…



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One thought on “The Daily Show: Anna Baltzer & Mustafa Barghouti on Israel and Palestine

  1. Anna and Mustafa spoke a heartening and illuminating language, on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart, whom I salute for his outstanding courage and refined sense of humanity and morality, and represented an enlightened school of thought that are music to the ears of those who want peace, justice and security to both Palestinians and Israelis, but are, sadly, at the same time, disturbing, scary, confusing and most of all troubling to those who choose to live in denial and are scared to face up to the heavy and painful truth and reality of what’s truly going on in that conflict.

    Palestinians, whose horrific plight is recognized and acknowledged the world over, even by many of Israel’s supporters in the US and in Israel itself, but the sad reality of the dominance of the ultra-conservative and extremist groups, in Israel and the US, who are blinded by their narrow, extremist ideology, be it religious, political or nationalistic, are making it extremely difficult to make room for peace, in the only way it can be achieved, which is to recognize the rights of Palestinian people to have a real viable and coherent state on their own land, and not the joke of a disjointed pieces of scattered ghetto-like enclaves here and there.

    Peace is as much in Israel’s interest as it is in the Palestinians’ interest, and pursuing the present policy, championed by Israel’s most extremist groups, who I believe don’t truly represent the aspirations of most Israelis, who also yearn for peace as much as the Palestinians do, will lead nowhere except for more death and destruction on both sides of this conflict. Israel needs to be smart enough to realize that its superior military power can’t be maintained forever, and it would be most prudent and wise for it to seek and achieve peace while it’s strong, and by that it will not only be able to get better terms, but will be accepted and respected by the world over, while looking magnanimous and gracious, not to mention that it would redeem its soul that’s been tarnished badly by all the injustice and misery it has inflicted on the Palestinians for so long.

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