Where Have all the Flowers Gone? by Cindy Sheehan

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by Cindy Sheehan
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Dandelion Salad
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Cindy Sheehan’s Soapbox
Oct. 30, 2009


Watching Obama salute a coffin at Dover Air Force Base with all the pomp and circumstance of US Military worship filled me with disgust and sorrow.

Disgust because the White House PR apparatus went into full swing to find a family that would allow their loved ones’ coffin to be photographed in a scene that reminded me of George Bush’s landing on the deck of the Abraham Lincoln aircraft carrier on May 2, 2003 wearing a pilot’s suit and a codpiece.

Why did Obama do this? To soften the blow, of sending more troops, for a gullible public that wants to believe someone like Obama could give a crap about the cannon fodder he condemns to pointless death?

Being the Commander in Chief of the United States Military has only meant one thing for the past sixty years or so: being the tool of the War Machine. And even though a tool has no say in whether it is used to build or destroy, did Obama have no shame when he went to salute the coffin of a young person that he (the buck stops here) killed? Does he not have the courage to sign the orders to start withdrawing our troops from these wars that were begun by the War Machine when his predecessor was in office, but roll bloodily on while he wears the imperial mantle of carnage?

Sorrow because my son came through Dover Air Force Base on his last trip home from military service.

Casey was in the Army for almost four years before his country murdered him in Iraq.

Before Casey was killed in an ambush in Sadr City, Baghdad on April 04, 2004 (Palm Sunday that year), his homecomings were always cause for great joy in the Sheehan household because we all missed him so much. I would prepare everything that he loved to eat; I wouldn’t crab at him if he stayed up all night playing games on the computer; in short, I would spoil him as much as I could.

The Friday after he was killed, (Good Friday that year) one of our friends came over to tell us that Casey’s coffin had just been removed from the belly of a C140 at Dover, he knew this because his son-in-law had just removed it. Then we got a call from our “Casualty Officer” who told us that Casey’s shell would be flying home to San Francisco and we made arrangements with the funeral home to go pick it up the next day (Holy Saturday).

We drove to SFO, following the hearse, in a limo provided by the funeral home. Obviously, there was no joy or laughter in the limo on that trip to pick up our dead son/brother/nephew/friend.

After we arrived at the loading dock of United Airlines, we literally had to sit on a curb while we waited for Casey’s body to be brought from the airplane. He was brought to the hearse in a cardboard box and offloaded onto a conveyor belt by a forklift. There was no color guard, there was no band playing, there was no saluting-idiot Commander in Chief—there were only his brokenhearted loved ones—in shock and in pain that has no measure or end.

Sorrow for the mothers and other loved ones of those killed. Have you ever had to pick out a gravesite for a child? It’s disordered to bury a child, but demented to have one killed in another US Corporate war for profit.

Sorrow because of the devastation these wars are causing all over the world: from a loading dock in San Francisco to the target of a drone in Pakistan or the scene of another bombing in a crowded Iraqi marketplace.

When will we ever learn?


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3 thoughts on “Where Have all the Flowers Gone? by Cindy Sheehan

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  2. “Pretty obviously, many people had great expectations of Pres. Obama’s behavior when he was elected.”

    There are thousands, maybe even millions, of people who only expected Obama to continue right where Bush left off.

    A very small amount of research proved, more than a year before he was elected, that Obama was nothing more than a bought and paid for controlled puppet of the ruling elite who seek to enslave all of humanity after ushering in what they publicly refer to as a “new world order”.

    Obama and his wife were both members of the CFR. The CFR has publicly admitted, for years, that they wish to establish a “new world order”. Also, Obama’s head foreign policy adviser was no secret long before the election. His name is Zbigniew Brzezinski. He is one of the founding members of the Trilateral Commission. The Trilateral Commission has long admitted that its goal is to destroy national sovereignty and to usher in a “new world order”. Brzezinski, along with the current Secretary of Defense Bob Gates, is responsible for the creation of Al Qaeda. He literally helped to organize and train them.

    We all know that Al Qaeda is nothing more than a CIA controlled boogeyman that is used to terrify the people of the world into giving up their sovereignty, rights and freedom. It is a documented fact that Usama Bin Laden was on the CIA’s payroll up until September 11, 2001. Members of the Bin Laden family, possibly even Usama himself, were flown out of the U.S. on that day. Usama’s brother, Salem, was meeting with George H.W. Bush and other members of the Carlyle Group shortly before the events of that day.

    I pray that if anyone is new to anything that I mentioned that you would research these things for yourself to verify all of these things.

    Thank you, Cindy. God bless you and your family.

  3. There are times when to quote a John Denver song and twist its meaning, there are days when I’m proud I’m not an American. I read of your politics from the left and the right as well as the mainstream. Pretty obviously, many people had great expectations of Pres. Obama’s behavior when he was elected. He has managed to disappoint the left and antagonize the right and goodness knows what the average American thinks, because I don’t think such a creature exists. Obama’s popularity is around 50% so he must be doing some things right.

    I have a great deal of sympathy for Ms. Sheehan and her loss but her son joined the US military. If you enlist to become a soldier, you cannot pick and choose which conflict the government may see fit to deploy you. Your son was a tragic loss for you and your family but to say that the US government murdered him is patently absurd. When I was last in the US, I visited the striking Vietnam War Memorial in Washington and could not help but be deeply moved. My heart went out to those people who had left flowers, messages and to those people weeping over the names of lost relatives.

    What does Obama have to do to please the readers of dandelion salad? When I consider that you publish Noam Chomsky, John Pilger, Robert Fisk and a whole grab-bag of left-wingers who hate America first, to continue to publish Mrs. Sheehan is a tragedy in itself. She needs help to grieve and move on. I pray for God’s blessing on her but when will she ever learn?

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