Chomsky: Palestine and the region in the Obama era: the emerging framework

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ICU Political Philosophy Society
Logan Hall, Institute of Education, Bedford Way

The Imperial College Political Philosophy Society, in association with Palestine societies at UCL, SOAS, Goldsmiths, LSE, Imperial and Kings, proudly present one of the greatest political philosophers of all time: MIT Professor Emeritus Noam Chomsky, for what could be his last trip to London.

Chomsky: Palestine and the region in the Obama era: the emerging framework. from ICU Political Philosophy Society on Vimeo.


Here is a very good summary of this talk: Noam Chomsky: no change in US ‘Mafia principle’

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14 thoughts on “Chomsky: Palestine and the region in the Obama era: the emerging framework

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  8. Noam Chomsky is incorrect when he states that there were no protests in the West Bank during Operation Cast Lead. I have friends who took part in a protest, after which they were visited in their homes and threatened by the Israeli Army. There were also some news reports of protests, but not many were covered by US news media.

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    • This is where the video came from: If you sign up on Vimeo, you can then download videos. From their page at the bottom: “Please join Vimeo or log in to download the original file.” You may wish to ask the person who uploaded it if there is a copyright on it.

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