Dennis Kucinich: Restore State Single Payer

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October 30, 2009

Congressman Kucinich stated that he is fighting to get single-payer back into the health care reform bill. Several members of Congress have signed a letter to House Speaker Pelosi requesting that the Kucinich Amendment be restored to the bill.


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6 thoughts on “Dennis Kucinich: Restore State Single Payer

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  3. Tort reform is a bullshit response from Repugnacans and the insurance industry. Less than half of one percent of the cost of healthcare comes from malpractice (which exists at many levels) judgements. Do your homework before clogging the toilet.

  4. Tort reform is the answer to the health care debacle. The insurance companies are raising prices because of lawsuits, nothing more!

    The government has no business in healthcare. It is socialism, and we are not a socialist nation.

    just my position.

  5. This is a totaly mute point. The states do not need Federal permission to institute their own single payer plan. The Feds are treading on states rights and really have no legal standing in this area. It can be easily challenged in Federal court–the Supreme Court if necessary.

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