Noam Chomsky: why far right must be challenged

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Saturday, 31 October 2009

Far-right political groups could use rising poverty to attract wider support for their extremist policies, Professor Noam Chomsky warned at the festival’s annual Amnesty International lecture at Queen’s University last night.

The international commentator warned that in the US right-wing voices are trying to tap in to grievances and he urged communities around the world to mobilise against poverty and inequality in their society as a safeguard against extremism.

“In the US inequality has soared to unprecedented heights,” he said.


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  9. The US inequality soaring to unprecedented heights as mr Chomsky says is true . but the far right is only one part of the problem , and a small part at that. .
    the reason for the soar in inequality is the status qou of the dem-repub bulk of power and real politik that must be stopped dead !
    the only way to do that is to once and for all stop voting the 2 party system , and let them sink . then we can start from scratch with candidates that will know that the public means business.

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