US Ambassador Karl Eikenberry’s visit to the Afghan peace vigil youth‎

Abdulai, Afghan boy

13 year old Abdulai will keep the
Afghan peace vigil from 22/10/2009

Dandelion Salad

Some lonely thoughts from our peace vigil group

Why did we feel lonely while we quietly raised our voice of peace?

Peace is lonely.

We tasted this loneliness as a shared human experience; everyone has tasted this Space, a space which we carry as individuals whatever our station in life.


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October 31, 2009

The last night of vigil saw the boys holding up the tent against the rain

The peace vigil youth ready the next morning to meet the U.S. Ambassador to Afghanistan, ‎Karl Eikenberry, his wife and the Governor of Bamiyan Dr Sarobi

Zekerullah, who had dropped out of school this spring, eagerly waiting for the Ambassador’s ‎arrival ‎

Ambassador Eikenberry and his wife arrive with Governor Dr Sarobi

The peace vigil youth greet the Ambassador and his wife with salams! ( peace ! ) ‎

Abdulai seated beside the Ambassador who spoke with the peace vigil group

Zekerullah about to pledge to U.S. Ambassador & President Obama to go back to school next ‎year

Abdulai gives photographs of the peace vigil youth to the Ambassador & through him, to ‎President ‎Obama

The peace vigil youth in a group photo with Ambassador Eikenberry & Governor Sarobi

The framed photo of the vigil youth as a gift of thanks & their hope for President Obama to ‎hear their voice of peace

Mountains cannot reach mountains,only Man can reach Man.‎


US Ambassador Karl Eikenberry’s words of peace to the Afghan peace vigil youth


The Afghan faces of peace keeping vigil for President Obama



The Afghan human faces of peace keeping vigil for President Obama

The autumn morning breaks over Bamiyan Peace Park

The peace vigil youth in Bamiyan Peace Park‎, standing for peace‎

‎4 of our younger Afghan peace vigil keepers

عبدالای‎ Abdulai‎
Father and grandfather killed in war

عبدالعلی‎ Abdul Ali‎
Uncle killed in war

ذکرالله‎ Zekerullah‎
Uncle killed in war

عبدالرازق‎ Abdul Raziq‎
Uncle killed in war

شیرآقا‎ Shir AqA‎
Grandfather killed in war

لالا‎ Lala‎
Father & grandfather killed in war

فیض احمد‎ Faiz Ahmad‎
Brother killed in war

محمد جان‎ Mohammad Jan‎
Brother-in-law killed in war

محمد حسین‎ Mohammad Hussein‎
Father & grandfather killed in war‎

We are raising the voice of peace in Afghanistan & the world

Well keep waiting for President Obama, the Nobel Peace Prize Winner

Be at peace, stay in peace!‎

The diesel lamp in our peace vigil tent, giving light to our nights

The Afghan peace vigil youth at their breakfast of tea with bread‎


Afghan youth share their thoughts on the election for BBC South Asia News

November 01, 2009


Afghan peace vigil waiting with the world for President Obama

Afghan Peace Vigil for Nobel Peace Laureate President Obama

Is this our Afghan moment of peace? 13 year old Afghan boy will keep peace vigil with other youth