US U-turn on Middle East peace process + South Africans ‘fought in Gaza war’

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November 01, 2009

The Palestinians are accusing Washington of killing all hope of reviving the peace process with the Israelis. It comes after the US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, signaled a U-turn on settlement building. During a visit to Jerusalem, she told the Palestinians – the issue is not now a precondition for negotiations. Al Jazeera’s Jacky Rowland takes a look at the ramifications.


South Africans ‘fought in Gaza war’ – 1 Nov 09

November 01, 2009

Efforts to prosecute those who may have committed war crimes in Israel’s war on Gaza have spread beyond the Middle East.

A lawyer in South Africa has identified 75 South African nationals who he says were fighting with the Israeli army in the war earlier this year.

Feroze Boda, based in Johannesburg and working on behalf of two local pro-Palestinian organisations, says the soldiers should face court action for their involvement.

Imran Garda reports from Johannesburg.


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  3. White South African racists and Israeli’s (racist’s) bankrolled by the USA with US weapons and tactic’s killing civilians in Gaza? How jolly interesting,to go back to the Republic of South Africa as a fascist’s hero, with depleted uranium contamination and a zero sperm count,Going home after a tour on the front line (killing innocent civilians) to give the wife cancer and a deformed baby after a roll in the hay? also to give racist white friends and neighbors ,leukemia cancer or DU sickness with a welcome home hand shake or a hug ? DU is more contagious than you can imagine,DU is forever the bombs that killed the palestinians will also kill any unsuspecting RSA citizen that comes into contact with the walking dead,If you bury them you will contaminate the soil and watershed.if you cremate them you will poison the atmosphere with the depleted uranium Nano Particle’s of radio activity that live for ever,will South Africa respond to this danger? Israel ignores it completely, while the US with hundreds of thousands of sick soldiers to deal with, they appear to have little interest in this dreadful nightmare as the second US civil war which is just on the radar will destroy Israel,The old saying is “when rape is inevitable relax and enjoy it,This applies to the Israeli’s and the US,they (you) are killing your self and each other,in a Christian Jewish death wish, fulfilling your destiny blindly

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  5. It is no great revelation that the torturers and murderers from previous repressive governments should use their talents to repress poor, oppressed people around the planet. Israeli special forces helped train the Contras and the Georgian murderers who invaded South Ossetia. What is interesting to me is the Hillary Clinton seems to be even more evil than Condoleeza Rice. She lectures the Pakistanis on killing more Taliban. She is even more adamant in bombing Iran and now she gives the green light to the Israeli government to act as much like a fascist government as possible. I would not have believed it, but her fangs are even longer than those of Condoleeza Rice. If she helps Obama in an attack on Iran or increases the war in Afghanistan, people may think the administration of stupid George W. Bush was better in some respects. War with Iran would be a catastrophe as would war with Venezuela. Notice how the threats against North Korea have gone down since they possess nuclear weapons. They have dropped out of the “Axis of Evil.”

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