Honduras: A Victory for “Smart Power” By Eva Golinger

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By Eva Golinger
Postcards from the Revolution
Monday, Nov 2, 2009

“Henry Kissinger said that diplomacy is the “art of restraining power”. Obviously, the most influential ideologue on US foreign policy of the twenty first century was refering to the necessity to “restrain the power” of other countries and goverments in order to maintain the dominant world power of the United States. Presidents in the style of George W. Bush employed “Hard Power” to achieve this goal: weapons, bombs, threats and military invasions. Others, like Bill Clinton, used “Soft Power”: cultural warfare, Hollywood, ideals, diplomacy, moral authority and campaigns to “win the hearts and minds” of those in enemy nations. The Obama administration has opted for a mutation of these two concepts, fusioning military power with diplomacy, political and economic influence with cultural penetration and legal manuvering. They call this “Smart Power”. Its first application is the coup d’etat in Honduras, and as of today, it’s worked to perfection.


via Postcards from the Revolution: HONDURAS: A VICTORY FOR “SMART POWER”


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  4. Did “Smart Power” actually? Honduras has no history of resistance, and has been cotrolled by five families for what seems like forever. With the removal of Zelaya, for the first time in its history, Honduras developed a viable resistance. It is highly questionable that this model will work well anywhere else in Latin America—maybe Panama, which is for the most part not even considered Latin America.

    It would seem the bullying tactics and general dumbfuckedness of US foreign policy will never end..

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