Chomsky condemns ‘immoral’ Afghan war + Copenhagen talks will surely fail

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3 November 2009

Eagle Eye on May 31, 2010

Controversial intellectual thinks that the war on Afghanistan by allied force is immoral and with no reason. He is known to make harsh statement against the US foreign policy and there is no surprise that this think tank has his opinion in this manner.


Chomsky in Dublin: Copenhagen talks will surely fail

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“In fact the number of those who think that human activity is a factor in global warming had declined to just over a third. Now that could be virtually a death sentence for the species, given the significance of the US role in these talks.”

Chomsky didn’t pull his punches when it came to the reason for this decline, pointing the finger directly at the large US corporations. “The sharp decline is very easily explained. It is the direct result of a huge propaganda campaign over the past year downplaying or denying global warming. The media do report this, but they report it in a manner that is called objective. So on one side you can say a few words on what 99pc of scientists believe, and on the other side you present the views of ExxonMobile and the talk show hosts.”


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