Goldman’s walk on subprime wild side (Part 4)

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Goldman climbed into bed with New Century Financial Corp’s unreviewed and off shore deals

Goldman Sachs was among the last Wall Street giants to enter the lucrative world of subprime mortgages, but it didn’t take long before the elite investment house was cutting deals with firms whose reputations would soon be tarnished, at best — companies such as New Century Financial Corp.


The Real News Network


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5 thoughts on “Goldman’s walk on subprime wild side (Part 4)

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  3. There will be NO prosecution or jail time for anyone on Wall Street. At least, none of the real players on Wall Street. They might throw an unwitting stooge or two under the bus, and laugh as he is shredded to pieces. But, that’s about it.
    These large companies run the world, and own everyone and everything, including the government. All governments, for that matter.
    What do they care about the economy of the world?
    The super-rich are like survivalists. They have a retreat, all stocked and ready. Food supplies for two lifetimes.
    So, rolling the dice, and setting the world on fire is just another one of their ways to have fun.
    And really, what is life, without adventure?

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  5. Where are the indictments? Where is the outrage? Where the hell is the change in the Obama administration? Why is Goldman Sachs running the Fed and treasury?

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