Fort Hood, Texas Shooting: 12 dead, 31 injured

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November 05, 2009


Fort Hood, Texas Shooting: 12 dead, 31 injured
Nov. 5, 2009

This is covered on television and just happened by what apparently and reportedly is an upset set of of soldiers at Fort Hood, Texas, near Waco, Texas. There are reports of up to three gunmen, one already arrested, two others the subject of a search. 7 are dead and 12 are injured.

Fort Hood is on lockdown now; the 55,000 people not allowed to go anywhere.

There was a graduation ceremony going on at the time of the shooting, according to MSNBC and CNN. The shooting happened at the solidier readiness facility on the base.


via City Brights: Zennie Abraham : Fort Hood, Texas Shooting: 7 dead, 12 injured video – updates


Ft Hood shooting – Connie Green Killeen city manager


McClatchy has updated their story:

FORT HOOD, Texas — An Army psychiatrist who’d recently completed training in treating traumatic stress disorder opened fire Thursday on a group of soldiers preparing for deployment to Iraq, killing at least 12 and wounding 30.

Base commander Lt. Gen. Robert Cone told reporters late Thursday that the shooter, identified as Army Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, was in custody and that he was expected to live, despite having been shot multiple times. Earlier, Cone had reported that Hasan had been killed.


Fort Hood shooter may have been Army psychiatrist | McClatchy

McClatchy has updated their story:

WASHINGTON — The Army major suspected of opening fire on soldiers as they were preparing to deploy overseas at the massive Fort Hood military base in central Texas Thursday may have been an Army psychiatrist who recently completed training in disaster and preventive psychiatry at Walter Reed Medical Center in the nation’s capital.

A military official who asked not to be identified said the gunman was Army Major Malik Nidal Hasan, 39. Hasan was killed after he opened fire at Fort Hood’s Soldiers Readiness Processing Center.

Fort Hood shooter may have been Army psychiatrist | McClatchy

earlier story [same link as above]:

Lt. Gen. Bob Cone, the commander of III Corps, said that at least one gunman opened fire at the base’s Soldiers Readiness Processing Center where soldiers were receiving medical and dental exams prior to deployment. The gunman’s fire was returned — Cone did not say by whom — and the gunman was killed. Two other soldiers who may have participated in the shootings were arrested in nearby buildings, Cone said.

Fort Hood death toll now at 12; suspects are U.S. soldiers | McClatchy


The Army said one of the gunmen had been killed and two other men apprehended in connection with the shooting.

Lieutenant General Bob Cone: “A shooter opened fire. That person was killed.

At this time, we are looking at 12 dead and 31 wounded. They are dispersed among the local hospitals in this area in Texas.

“The shooter was killed. He was a soldier. We since then have apprehended two additional soldiers who are suspects, and I would go into the point that there were eyewitness accounts that there may have been more than one shooter.”


via Twelve dead in shooting rampage at Fort Hood US military base in Texas – Telegraph.



Video reports:

President Obama Responds To Fort Hood Shootings (video)

FOX Interviews Fort Hood Shooter Major Malik Hasan’s Cousin (video)

Fort Hood Shooter Alive And In Stable Condition! General Cone’s Press Conference


Ft. Hood largest homeland terrorist attack since 9/11

November 05, 2009

More news from Fort Hood, Texas reveals that the shooter was a soldier at the base. Counterterrorism experts are calling the incident the largest homeland terrorist attack since 9/11. Speculations remains that the shooter may have been a member of an Al-Qaeda sleeper cell.


Mass Shooting Indicates Breakdown of Military

by Dahr Jamail


Truthout spoke with an Army Specialist who is an active-duty Iraq war veteran currently stationed at the base. The soldier spoke on condition of anonymity since the base is now on “lockdown,” and all “non-authorized” military personnel on the base have been ordered not to speak to the press.


The soldier says that the mood on the base is “very grim,” and that even before this incident, troop morale has been very low.

“I’d say it’s at an all-time low – mostly because of Afghanistan now,” he explained. “Nobody knows why we are at either place, and I believe the troops need to know why they are there, or we should pull out, and this is a unanimous feeling, even for folks who are pro-war.”


via t r u t h o u t | Mass Shooting Indicates Breakdown of Military


permanent link:


U.S.: “War Comes Home” with Ft. Hood Shootings By Dahr Jamail

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  5. Live by the bullet…
    But his insane reaction will only now inflame the bloodthirsty texans to exact revenge at high noon. It will be open season. Might as well have been a neocon implant.

    VA Tech grad too?
    God bless the right to bear automatic weapons.

  6. If my suspicions are correct, this may be one of the few instances of American occupations abroad having consequences in the actual homeland of America. Other than the burning of Washington D.C. by the British in 1812, the bombing of the World Trade Center and Pearl Harbor, America has never been attacked by outside powers. I will put 9-11 aside as I am not sure as to what actually occurred there. America has never suffered the massive destruction to its infrastructure that so many other nations have since the Civil War. I don’t want to exaggerate the importance of this event. Military intelligence will obviously work on this man if he lives and his statements about why he did it may be fallacious. Or he may be used for propaganda purposes by linking him with Al-Oaeda.

    Empires always have problems using soldiers of oppressed groups in their own armies. The Romans used the Goths as soldiers because they were short of soldiers to defend their eastern frontier. The Goths were also an oppressed ethnic group. The Goths rose up and defeated the Romans at Adrianople and under Alaric sacked Rome. Of course, the US does not have that problem because it does not have great numbers of Palestinian or Iraqi Arabs or Afghans in its homeland forces. However, as this incident illustrates, only a few can have disastrous results.

  7. The President as asked us not to be quick to make judgments on this.
    You know, the way he didn’t when it came to that little episode in Cambridge with the Cop.

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