Climate Change Legislation: Defining Priorities By Nikki Alexander

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By Nikki Alexander
Featured Writer
Dandelion Salad
Nov. 6, 2009

[revised and replaced Nov. 21, 2009]

I understand that those who care deeply about the earth are expressing very good intentions with congressional climate change legislation. But there is already evidence that this legislation is rewarding the very corporations that are responsible for worldwide ecological damage and facilitating another reckless Wall Street casino – with devastating consequences for the financial underclass – while doing little to repair the damage to our planet.

The cap and trade market operating through the Chicago Climate Exchange was set up by Goldman Sachs and Al Gore’s company, Generation Investment Management, which is also staffed by Goldman Sachs executives. GIM and Goldman Sachs each have a 10% stake in the Chicago Climate Exchange which in turn has a 50% stake in the European Climate Exchange. Trading carbon credits is projected to become the new multi-trillion dollar commodity bubble.

If mortgage-backed securities appeared to be the ultimate Ponzi scheme, just ponder the scale of this gambling casino when everything on earth is entered into the global GHG database and converted to carbon default swaps, carbon-backed securities and collateralized GHG obligations. As global energy rationing requires incremental GHG reductions, credits will become increasingly scarce and therefore more lucrative. Those who can afford to keep playing the game will be the ultimate winners. The primary derivatives traders that recently paralyzed the credit markets and collapsed the global banking system have already positioned themselves on the Chicago Climate Exchange to cash in on the carbon commodity bubble – Bank of America, Citigroup, the Rockefeller cartel and of course Goldman Sachs.

In anticipation of lucrative government contracts, the major corporate polluters and destroyers of ecosystems have bought up the patents and technologies invented by green entrepreneurs and purchased the competition through acquisitions and mergers in order to corner the market in climate change mitigation – an industry projected to exceed $5 trillion, not counting the cap and trade casino. As global unemployment rises in this “jobless recovery,” why are taxpayer-funded federal contracts being awarded to destructive corporations and defense contractors? (1)

The priorities of climate change mitigation are skewed in a dangerous direction. The premise that ordinary human activity must be globally monitored and restricted by universal energy rationing, carbon permits and taxes shifts the responsibility for environmental destruction from corporate and military transgressors to society at large, displacing the cost of remediation onto victims and innocent bystanders. The violent extraction of “natural resources” by profit-seeking corporations has destroyed or poisoned virtually all of the earth’s living systems, impoverished the global south and driven whole species into extinction.

To keep things in perspective, having homeowners switch to fluorescent light bulbs and seal up those drafty windows will accomplish far less than prohibiting coal mining corporations from blowing up mountain tops in Appalachia and burying the surrounding areas in toxic sludge; or reigning in Pentagon GHG emissions from chemtrails, star wars missiles and predator drones, not to mention the huge volumes of energy squandered every time the Pentagon invades and destroys a country. How much oil does the US military burn up and what is the net damage to the atmosphere? What is the federal strategy for reversing depleted uranium contamination?

Why hasn’t the federal government lifted its ban on California’s fuel efficiency standards or demanded that General Motors put its electric car back into production with the 25 billion dollars it just received from taxpayers? That would be more effective than allowing GM, one of the leading polluters, to crank out SUVs and hire The Nature Conservancy’s Green Police to protect their carbon credits by driving indigenous Brazilians off their ancestral lands. The natives who live there sustainably are being arrested, evicted and forced into starvation by GM, Chevron and American Electric Power – corporations that own neither the Brazilian forest nor the land. They purchased the carbon credits the trees represent. (2)

In the US, private ownership of imaginary carbon credits in national and state parks will result in park closures to protect carbon “trades” while doing nothing to repair the damage caused by corporate clear-cutters and so-called “developers.” Genuine remediation policies would require polluters and developers to plant new forests and replace what they destroyed using their own profits.

What regulations are being proposed to hold the IMF and World Bank accountable for massive water dislocations and environmental destruction? Why is Monsanto allowed to contaminate our food supply with GMOs and mutate the earth’s natural seeds on every continent? Corporate agribusiness, a life-threatening polluter, received total exemption from all GHG regulations in the Waxman-Markey climate change bill, demonstrating that financial interests trump social responsibility.

Many scientists are deeply concerned about the electromagnetic disruptions in the ionosphere caused by military “weather warfare.” The Department of Defense triangulated HAARP installations in Alaska, Norway and Greenland create a massive heated umbrella that spreads over the entire arctic region where glaciers are melting. Some scientists fear that the military High Frequency heating of the ionosphere may be triggering the floods, droughts, hurricanes and earthquakes attributed to global warming. Physicist Richard Williams describes HAARP disruption of the earth’s electromagnetic field as “an irresponsible act of global vandalism.” (3)

How will taxing every individual, business, university and town repair the massive environmental destruction caused by the military and corporate polluters? At the residential level, homeowners will be subject to federal code enforcement policies that supersede state and local codes; workers will be required to reduce their vehicle miles traveled and cities will be required by law to reduce their overall energy consumption, potentially supplying water and electricity to far away towns through nationwide interconnected energy grids too big to fail. At the global level, nations will be required to alter their agriculture, domestic industries and export commodities to comply with GHG rationing, essentially surrendering political control of food, water and energy to external global “planners.”

If environmental destruction by the most glaring offenders is not the primary target of remediation, the stated goal of climate change legislation is disingenuous. Corporate and military destruction of the planet will not be repaired by trading imaginary carbon credits, depriving indigenous populations of access to food, privatization of water and energy grids or by imposing global energy restrictions and taxes on the financial underclass.

The primary forces of ecological destruction must be held accountable for repairing the damage, reforesting the earth and decontaminating the air, soil and water. Further, their destructive practices must be permanently eliminated. Is Congress willing to hold corporate polluters accountable? Is Congress willing to save our planet by withholding funds for Pentagon destruction and reallocate those funds for remediation? Taxpayer-financed federal contracts and stimulus funds would be better spent on underwriting sustainable agriculture and reforestation, repairing ecosystems, securing clean water for all the earth’s species and developing appropriate technology. (4)


(1) With annual revenue of $6 Billion, AECOM is a multinational corporation that feeds at the public trough building infrastructure and supplying mercenary forces in Iraq and Central Asia. An extensive list of architecture and engineering firms have been swallowed up by AECOM’s “targeted acquisition” strategy to buy out the green competition and monopolize what they describe as a guaranteed “contract pipeline” from the Department of Homeland Security, FEMA and Department of Defense as well as federal stimulus funds and state taxpayer bonds. AECOM’s annual report states that it is well positioned to receive lucrative government contracts for “climate change mitigation, a $5+ trillion a year industry … and in response to the financial crisis, governments around the world are considering stimulus packages valued at more than $1 to $2 trillion.”

(2) Mark Schapiro, “GM’s Money Trees”

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(4) Please read this short and excellent booklet that summarizes the insane techno-fixes being proposed and why they will not solve the problem. “Hoodwinked in the Hothouse: False Solutions to Climate Change”


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