The Daily Show: Health Care: Bigger, Longer and Uncut + The 11/3 Project

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Jason Jones repeats House Republicans’ objections to the bloated Frankenstein of a heath care bill.–bigger–longer-and-uncut


The 11/3 Project

There’s a war going on in America, and the stakes are nothing less than Glenn Beck’s internal organs.


Kucinich Raises Questions about Stand Alone Vote on National Single Payer + No Bill is Better Than a Bad Bill

Rep. Alan Grayson on the Number of Dead from Lack of Health Care + Republicans Fail to Cut Off Grayson’s Speech

2 thoughts on “The Daily Show: Health Care: Bigger, Longer and Uncut + The 11/3 Project

  1. Jon does a wonderful job at portraying the ludicrous, self-defeating and moronic way American political system functions. it’s funny, even hilarious, because it’s pretty much a comedy – a comedy of errors, and if people’s lives weren’t at stake here, it just may be funny enough to laugh at.

    There are more essentially self-serving, phony fanatics in the US congress, who don’t give the slightest damn about the real interests and welfare of the American people, than in any other country in the Western world. But why is that, and why are so unlucky with our hypocritical bought-and-paid-for politicians.

    Some thing has to be seriously wrong with our supposed, democratic system of governance – just look at our Congress and how it functions and how it makes decisions that effect, not only the lives of millions of Americans, but the lives of billions on this planet. All that great responsibility is entrusted to a bunch of inept, extremely-partisan, self-righteous and phony bunch of nincompoops. And we have the audacity and arrogance to want the world to emulate and copy our great democratic system. Let’s face it: we give democracy a bad name.

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