Michael Parenti: Lies, War, and Empire (2007; must-see)

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June 17, 2007

Parenti speaks about lies, dissent, and how we arrive at the truth of our situation and still retain our sanity. He raises the question whether the Iraq war was not a failure but a success for some parts of the empire – and why.”Lies, War, and Empire” given May 12, 2007 at Antioch University in Seattle.

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  9. For over ten years I walked the streets of Los Angeles and Orange county delivering leaflets advertising the videos of Michael Parenti. He is such a logical thinker about politics. I also had Zeitgeist Films send me a flyer about the film Manufacturing Consent concerning Noam Chomsky and included that one also. I must have visited over 600,000 homes giving them directly to people, tying them with rubber bands to door knobs and putting them on porch chairs and sofas. I could find no other people who were interested in doing this work. People’s Video eventually went out of business, I was nearly broke and the whole thing fell apart. Now , I am saving money little by little from Social Security for back surgery with absolutely no help from friends, relatives or my “comrades” in the movement. I often wonder if I accomplished anything at all. At least, I can still write for Lo and hope I am not whistling into a hurricane.

    • Gary, you are one of my favorite writers for DS, I wish I could pay you for your work, however, I do this as a volunteer. The work you did in getting the word out about Parenti’s films, etc was very important. You may never know how many people were inspired because of these films.

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