Anna Baltzer: Life in Occupied Palestine – Eyewitness Stories and Photos + Action Alert

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replaced video Dec. 7, 2012

A Multimedia Presentation by Anna Baltzer

Cornell University, Ithaca, NY
November 2, 2009

Sponsor: United for Peace and Justice in Palestine


From an email from US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation

7th Annual Week Against the Apartheid Wall

Twenty years ago today the Berlin Wall fell.  Now, join human rights advocates around the world in calling for an end to Israel ‘s apartheid wall.Israel’s wall is approximately three times longer than the Berlin Wall, with concrete, razor wire, and a no-man’s-land stretching over 400 miles, often confiscating Palestinian land miles past the “Green Line” in the West Bank.  In some places the wall is a 25 foot tall concrete monster complete with guard towers.  This is the wall that completely surrounds the Palestinian city of Qalqiliya , and is also common in Jerusalem , where it ghettoizes Bethlehem , and stops streets short in neighborhoods like Abu Dis.  The other common form that the wall takes is a 230-330 foot wide “buffer zone” that includes a maze of trenches, patrol roads, razor wire, and high-tech surveillance equipment.  In either case, the wall is built almost entirely on confiscated Palestinian land.  In many places, preparation for the wall includes the Israeli military demolishing Palestinian homes and uprooting orchards that have been in tended by Palestinians for centuries.  In 2004, the International Court of Justice declared Israel ‘s apartheid wall illegal due to the fact that is built on confiscated Palestinian land. Tell Caterpillar that complicity in Israel’s wall is criminal
Tell the media that all walls must fall
Educate your community with our stop the wall resources

Many U.S. based corporations, including Caterpillar are profiting from Israel ‘s immoral and illegal wall. Caterpillar directly profits from CAT equipment being used to demolish Palestinian homes and orchards in the path of the wall and in the actual construction of the wall. The picture to the left shows specialized CAT machinery laying razor wire along a portion of the wall. Click here to demand an end to Caterpillar’s support for Israel ‘s apartheid wall.

Spread the Word

Get the message out that Israel ‘s wall must also fall by participating in our media day of action! We’re coordinating a day of blogging, writing letters to the editor and op-ed pieces about Israel ‘s wall. Today’s newspapers will be filled with articles commemorating the fall of the Berlin Wall, which gives us a great opportunity to write letters to the editor to draw connections between the Berlin Wall and Israel’s apartheid wall. Click here to access our media toolkit for tips and resources on how to take action. You can also click here to join our Twitter action today!

There are many other ways to educate your community about the need to bring down Israel ‘s apartheid wall. This week is the 7th annual week of action against the apartheid wall. Click here to use our stop the wall resources to organize a film screening, vigil, or teach-in in your community. Check our calendar for events across the country.


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