Aunt Cindy Wants You! by Cindy Sheehan

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by Cindy Sheehan
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Nov. 8, 2009

If Not Now, When?
If Not Me, Whom?
— Cindy Sheehan

“A great revolution is never the fault of the people, but of the government.” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Oh boy! Here comes Cindy Cynical again.

I know you want to hear that Obama is the Savior of the World…but the only thing Obama is saving is the Empire and the Corporatocracy. The new elitist health care bill is nothing but another handout to corporations and at the same time the Democrats limited a woman’s right to reproductive choice over her own body. About 130 people will die today because he/she did not have access to health care because they are uninsured or grossly under-insured: that’s 47,000 a year. That’s an Empire-imposed holocaust the size of a small city every year.

I know you want me to tell you that the economy is in recovery, but 17.5 percent unemployment and the fact that every 7.5 seconds someone’s home will go into foreclosure and one million of our children here in the US will go to bed tonight and every night with hunger pangs gnawing at their bellies tell a different story than the Geithner-Summers-Bernanke fantasy “recovery.”

I know you want to think that someone who was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize may actually be a person who works for peace, but in addition to the tens of thousands of troops Obama has already sent to the war torn zones, he will shortly announce an increase of at least 34,000 more for Afghanistan. This increase will incredibly happen even though members of the “anti-war” movement signed a petition asking him to “pretty please” not escalate the wars. How rude!

Soon pilots for drones (slaughter by robot) will be trained in Syracuse, NY and will also be controlled from there, too. How convenient: pilots can kiss their kids in the morning, go to work to remotely kill other people’s kids and then be home in time for dinner and the evening news.

I wish I could announce the cure for cancer and that cars can henceforth cleanly run on air and that the abuses of the Bush regime have been prosecuted and rectified, but I regrettably can’t tell you any of these things either.

So, what are we going to do about it? Stay in sweet, yet disordered denial? Or get busy?

I choose to get busier.

This afternoon in DC, we had our first organizational meeting for Peace of the Action and here are some of the key things we came to a consensus on:


The “Camp Casey” aspect that was so crucial to the experience in confronting Bush in Crawford, Tx will also be an integral part to Peace of the Action. Camp will be set up on March 13th-14th on the Ellipse and will be the staging area and camping area for people coming to DC to take part in the Action.

We will have a contest to have a name for the Camp. Send your suggestions to me at:

There are many tent cities springing up around the country and we believe that our suffering should not be hidden from those that caused it so we will set up right under their snooty noses.

Come to our Camp for food, basic shelter and lots of warm community.

We are including social services, entertainment and education pieces in our Camp life.


The website with online sign-ups could be online as soon as tomorrow evening.


I had originally intended to begin Peace of the Action when we had 5000 people committed to joining us, but now we will begin on March 23rd no matter how many have signed up, to partner with the ANSWER Coalition’s March 20th anti-war march (7th anniversary of the invasion of Iraq) and World Can’t Wait’s events on Friday, March 19th. We truly believe that this is going to be such an amazing and energizing action that if we “build it you will come.”

So, now everyone has target dates to plan to join us for the boldest anti-war action in recent history that will make all kinds of history! Make your plans! We will also have housing and ride sharing boards on our website.


The committee and I would like to cordially and enthusiastically invite you to join us for Peace of the Action this spring until our demands are met (for all of the action, or any part you can make). We are all in it to win it, this time!


Troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan and close all bases.

No drone bombings.

Bring home contractors and paid mercenaries from those countries and Pakistan.

Reparations and political/diplomatic help for the people of those regions.

Fully fund VA programs to help reintegrate our troops healthfully back into society, physically, emotionally and mentally.


We in the coalition believe that we can’t have economic health without the profound reduction of the US Military Empire and Peace of the Action will go very far in accomplishing this.

Troops and dollars home!


If you can’t attend our actions in DC at any point (or even if you can), we will be encouraging and helping with local actions.


If you would like myself, or anyone from the steering committee to visit your church, school, peace group, or community to talk about Peace of the Action and to help us raise money, please contact me at:

For any questions or comments, please, please, please contact me at:


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