Love is how we’ll ask for peace; seeding a global heart-storm for peace

Abdulai, Afghan boy

13 year old Abdulai

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November 07, 2009


Love is how we’ll ask for peace; seeding a global heart-storm for peace

Our immediate goal

With love, we request the 2009 Nobel Peace Laureate, President Obama, to answer the Afghan youth peace message ‘Reconciliation of Civil Hearts’, as part of his wider message of peace to the peaceful future of our shared world, on or about the 10th of December, the day he will receive the Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo, Norway.

Please watch our Afghan peace youth vigilers appeal to the world in the video above.

Our larger goal is to encourage Afghanistan and the world towards concrete love and peace, through wide scale reconciliatory and humane relations.

How we’ll work towards our immediate goal in the next one month, before the 10th of December 2009.


via Love is how we’ll ask for peace ; seeding a global heart-storm for peace


US Ambassador Karl Eikenberry’s visit to the Afghan peace vigil youth‎

Afghan peace vigil waiting with the world for President Obama

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  8. Generally, the people in charge of proliferating hate know that what they say is false and wrong, but they say it anyway so as to brainwash their ill-informed followers into becoming mindless irrational zealots. These people are the unsensible ones, and these are the people that we must, however hard it may be, show how badly they have been misled.

    The ‘both sides’ reffers to the corporatists and neoconservatives on one side, and the un-Islamic Islamists on the other side.

    The neocon and corporatist top dogs know exactly what they want; power and war profits, and they spread their notion of absolutely free capitalism to their naive chronies to create a vaneer of righteousness, when anyone informed knows that unrestricted ‘capitalism’ is a violent and undemocratic system.

    Ditto for the Islamists – most of them know that they are distorting the verses of the Quran for their own political ends, but I don’t think they tell their brainwashed followers that. Some Islamists are genuinely powered by fanaticism and hate, however.

    Peace cannot reign if one of these two sides remain intact – if the corporatists are thrown out, the fanatical Islamists will keep coming, but if they are defeated, than the corporatists will impose their bigoted and elitist models on yet another subjegated people. The only way for there to be peace, is to defeat both extremes at the same time. As impossible as this sounds, it still must be done.

  9. Love will not bring peace until both sides agree on mutual respect and cohabitation. Extremists and power-hungry bastards and all of their indoctrined followers have no love or respect for other cultures. The only way is to bring sense to the nonsensible on both sides, and then we’ll have peace.

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