Ralph Nader Owns Bill O’Reilly: I Can Chew Gum And Walk at the Same Time, Unlike You!

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November 11, 2009

Consumer advocate Ralph Nader appears on Bill O’Reilly’s TV show to discuss the Fort Hood shooting, and wastes no time in belittling him.”I wasn’t brought on this program to discuss Fort Hood, I want to plug my book,” Nader admits. Then he proceeds to tell Bill: “Unlike you, I can chew gum and walk at the same time.”O’Reilly then accuses Nader of dodging issues. Nader gets Bill to admit, “I was wrong about Iraq.”


Still Waiting for Health Care by Ralph Nader

Fort Hood, Veterans Day And Defending America by Rick Rozoff

Reaction to Fort Hood – Stupidity Beyond Belief by Richard C. Cook

4 thoughts on “Ralph Nader Owns Bill O’Reilly: I Can Chew Gum And Walk at the Same Time, Unlike You!

  1. Didn’t know billo admitted invading iraq was wrong!

    Faux-news watchers are still signing up to pop-shot at hadji in droves. Can we put this on loop-tape and rewind ad logicum? Broadcast that statement in front of every recruiting station nationwide. Then we can be sure enlistees know EXACTLY what they’re signing up to do!

    Mass-murdering cold-blooded killers all, each and every gun-mongering enlisted goon. (And puleeeze don’t tell me about the ‘back door draft’, rather go poor then become another psychopathic serial-killer! 10 Kommandments anyone?? Hell, whatever works).

    Finally, after all these miserable years, we can mostly agree this was a warcrime. So who the hell in their right mind would enlist? Exactly! The military selects for serial killers. ADMIT IT!

  2. Bill is Darth Vader’s retarded troll living in his terrorist toilet.

    O’Reilly makes no sense trying to convince U.S. he knows ISLAM when he don’t even know the meaning of JIHAD vs. `freedom fighter’ and guerilla warfare, let alone the crusty military history of crazy psycho-shrinks that come a dime a doezn. And it’s obvious he either doesn’t know — or won’t admit — that there’s been maingate jarhead shootings before… how unpatriotic of him not to know his U.S. military history. He does grave disservice to those of who actually lived on base.

    And Bill is so stale, he won’t even make the distinction between the different Islamic sects if his ratings depended on it… He just keeps to his bullet list of FOX approved backwater vocabulary. Nader probably went on just to bust on O’Reilly for kicks and Bill was just dumb enough to play sucka.

  3. It is obvious why Nader is so effective in court. Bill didn’t have a chance. It’s good to see someone shut him up for even a little while!

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