Dahr Jamail and Ahmed Rehab: The aftermath of Fort Hood

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November 12, 2009

What were the motives and how will this impact Muslim communities in the US?

Pt 2


Dahr Jamail on Antiwar Radio

Independent journalist Dahr Jamail discusses the Ft. Hood massacre, repeated deployments that are breaking military morale, high veteran suicide rates, the blowback from waging a civilizational war against Islam and how the political value of dead soldiers decreases in relation to their distance from home.

via Dahr Jamail « Antiwar Radio with Scott Horton


Dahr Jamail on Fort Hood, Iraq and Afghanistan, and soldiers’ resistance

Fort Hood, Veterans Day And Defending America by Rick Rozoff

Reaction to Fort Hood – Stupidity Beyond Belief by Richard C. Cook

U.S.: “War Comes Home” with Ft. Hood Shootings By Dahr Jamail

Fort Hood, Texas Shooting: 12 dead, 31 injured (updated)

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