Barack Obama DOES NOT Speak for Me! by Cindy Sheehan

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by Cindy Sheehan
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Cindy Sheehan’s Soapbox
Nov. 13, 2009

I was facilitating a meeting in Washington, DC this past weekend, and an Iraq “War” veteran claimed that the GI resistance movement ended the Vietnam War. I started to say that I was sure that the GI movement was a part of ending the Vietnam War as was the draft, the student movement, the Congress (that had some influence back then), and I was interrupted by the rep from Veterans for Peace who simply said: “actually it was the Vietnamese people who ended that war.”

That’s the plain truth after millions dead/wounded, the Vietnamese people succeeded in vanquishing the U.S.

Today, I recalled that meeting as a couple of very insidious things crossed my path, or caught my eye.

The first thing was an article in the rag called the Washington Post about the attack at Ft. Hood and the alleged suspect, Nidal Hasan and how there is an increasing pattern of soldiers targeting other soldiers. The WaPo editors filtered the article through the Propaganda Wing of the Pentagon and came up with the title: “Fort Hood attack is 3rd this year by antiwar radicals targeting military on U.S. soil.” I think the message is clear: “anti-war=terrorism.”

Call me cynical, (I haven’t always been this way, but I stood up a new person after I fell on the floor screaming my heart out when I found out that Casey was killed in Iraq), but I feel the next item that I would like to point out on this Friday the 13th, is something the Commander in Chief promised the troops when he stopped in Anchorage, AK to refuel Air Force One on his way to Japan, and something that I think is connected to the increasing war path rhetoric.

He actually told the men and women assembled at Elmendorf Air Force Base that if he decides to “not hesitate…to use force to protect America’s vital interests (not defined in the speech)” then he promised, promised, promised (like he promised to close Gitmo within the year and bring one combat brigade per month home from Iraq) to:

A) Have their backs.” I vote that he put on a helmet and some Kevlar and shoulder an M-16 and really “have their backs,” AND take Congress with him.

B)“And that includes public support back home. That is a promise that I make to you.”

We see the revisionist “historians” (spin-doctors) tell us this about Vietnam: it’s not that public sentiment was rightly against that disastrously unjust and inherently unwinnable war, but if the public only supported it, we would have “won.” It’s called the “Vietnam Syndrome.”

The two incidences put together spell this: If the USA “loses” in Iraq-Af-Pak, which we certainly will since those “wars,” too, are disastrously unjust and inherently unwinnable, then the fault will lie with an American public that are either non-supportive, or outright “anti-war radicals.”

During my Camp Casey campaign, there were “Cindy Sheehan speaks for me,” rallies and conversely, “Cindy Sheehan DOES NOT speak for me,” rallies.

Well, as a member of the American public, Barack Obama DOES NOT speak for me!

I can’t count how many times I have been called an “anti-war radical,” and I have never killed anyone or plotted to kill anyone, but I will NOT support the troops by supporting insupportable missions.

I will not support the “mission” by paying my Federal income taxes and I will not support the troops by flying the imperial flag or putting a yellow ribbon on my car, either. I will support the troops the only way I know how: by being an “anti-war radical,” no matter what the cost.

If we “lose” in the “wars” that the Bush regime started and the Obama regime has escalated it only will be because they were ever started in the first place.


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8 thoughts on “Barack Obama DOES NOT Speak for Me! by Cindy Sheehan

  1. The “perpetual war machine” will have to come to its own obvious conclusion.
    Eventually, everyone will come to see the pointlessness and tragedy of this truly evil money making plot.
    Even proud and patriotic men and women will come to learn that being patriotic means being proud of your culture, not killing other cultures off or forcing them to see the world in your view.

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  3. Absolutely RIGHT ON Cindy thank you!
    You do indeed speak for LOTS of us and we are supportive and grateful!
    This rhetoric is what is necessary to keep soldiers in the field, this constant drum-beating and nonsense that it’s the ‘anti-war’ people who will lead to any losses…and we know its nonsense!
    You remind us that we’re citizens, not subjects.
    That the Taliban gets stronger because of our war, because the only thing the Afgan. people hate worse than the Taliban is a foreign military marching around…WE create the very ‘terrorists’ we claim to fight!
    It was ths way in Nam too. They hated the Viet Cong, but they hated our brutal intervention even more…and we created the very ‘enemy’ we claimed we need to fight.
    There are Americans who make money on war. Oil companies who make money securing oil. Empire-builders who need to ‘contain’ the Russians and the Chinese to insure hegemony.
    Always ask” ‘who makes money and gets their power-fix with these wars?’
    In the meantime, did George and Laura Bush’s daughters rush down to the Army recruiting center on their 18th birthdays to join up for their dad’s cause?
    Require all Senators and Congressmen and Presidents to send their kids first…then see what happens!
    Thank you.

    • Well stated, Tony.

      Just read this comment by on a video and hope she doesn’t mind me reposting it here.

      “Einstein said:

      “The pioneers of a warless world are the youth who refuse military service.”

      Get out of the military, all people of every nation, just say no. Fight for your country only if your country is attacked and invaded by a foreign occupier. The cabals who run the world should be starved of human resources so let them do their own fighting and send their own children off to die for corporate profits.

      Give your service to Humanity so the world can live in peace with justice for all..

      I’ve made similar comments in the past. To have world peace, each one of us must be peaceful. It’s a personal choice. When a person joins the military they are trained to kill others. That is not being peaceful.

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