El Salvador’s gold fight goes international

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November 12, 2009

After activists block its mining permit, Canadian gold mining corporation is using a US free trade agreement to sue the government of El Salvador

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Gold, impunity and violence in El Salvador

6 thoughts on “El Salvador’s gold fight goes international

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  5. With the banks now in full goldbuggery, they will find a way to mine every last pennyweight.

    Cyanide leached gold mining is the worst ever. Everything will be open-pit mountain-top removed for this, as will every pool of oil sucked from beneath the sea, regardless of damage.

    Build a society based in greed, and the suctioniong of ancient starstuff buried in bedrock, born of multiple supernovae, the most magnificent material we have, will be made into world-bank wampum, stored in vaults for its abstract monetary value.

    Las Venas are still Abierta in Latin America. They won’t stop until every last gram is gone.

    Pero…El Pueblo Unido…

  6. What is free about this trade? Since when does an international treaty take precidence over the will of the people of a sovereign state?

    Free Tade has become a oxymoronic term for exploitation of already poor and exploited people. El Salvador is run and owned by 13 elite familes, who more than likely want the mining.

    Finally the people, the population that will suffer, is standing up to demand to be heard. It is a movement that canot be stopped by the exploitative elites from around the world. Look at Venezuela, ecuador, Nicaragrua, et cetera.

    Mining is never clean and non-polluting. El Savador already lives on the margin, and cannot afford to gamble with Pacific Rim.

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