Ray McGovern: Why Accountability for Torture Is Crucial for Human Rights

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November 13, 2009

Talk by 27-year Veteran of the CIA Ray McGovern on “Why Accountability for Torture Is Crucial for Human Rights, Our Security and Our Souls” given November 12, 2009 at Kane Hall on the University of Washington campus in Seattle. Talk sponsored by Washington State Religious Campaign Against Torture http://www.wsrcat.org


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  4. Although once in while torture may be used to give false information that can be used as a pretext for for war, the most common use is that of intimidation. Ray McGovern got around to that point in the case of John Walker Lind, but it is much more prevalent. In the wars in Central America death squads would cut off heads of labor leaders and guerrillas and put them on pikes in conspicuous places to intimidate people from following in their path. Bodies were also horribly mutilated and placed where they would be found. Nuns and priests were murdered to show that not even the religious were exempt from this policy of shock and awe. It is the rich trying to keep the poor in their proper place- poor and absolutely under their power.

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