Carbon Tax War – Petition for a special War Emissions Trading Scheme

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November 15, 2009

This video is designed to open your eyes to the fact that warfare has a carbon footprint and environmental impact and every army, military and terrorist organization, along with weapons manufacturers, should be included in any Cap and Trade (Carbon tax) or Emissions Trading Scheme. Please forward this video to your friends and sign our online petition to the United Nations for a specialized War Emissions Trading Scheme, if a carbon tax is designed to make polluting increasingly expensive then war should be priced out of existence.…

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Friends of the Earth: Copenhagen: Demand Climate Change: Sign the petition:

Military use of Drones, how it will change our world by Bruce Gagnon

Climate Change and the Ventura Case Study By Nikki Alexander

“GM’s Money Trees”: Displacement of Rural Brazilians Highlights Consequences of “Cap and Trade” System

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