Immortal Technique on war, revolution and US democracy, Part 2

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Updated: replaced video; RT renamed it

November 16, 2009

The US government uses foreign wars to distract people’s attention from internal problems. That’s according to rapper and political activist ‘Immortal Technique’. In an exclusive interview with RT’s Marina Portnaya he says America’s bad decisions are covered up with lame excuses.


Immortal Technique on Obama, 9/11 truth & Corporate America

2 thoughts on “Immortal Technique on war, revolution and US democracy, Part 2

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  2. Hear hear!

    Chavez the military-clad socialist (what’s up with tha uniform, bro?) had a referendum on a third turm.

    Bloomberg bought his animalpharm right to run again from his banksters.


    People, this is an important post.
    Collectvism is defense against the slowly-failing dream of demos-cracy (morphed industrial capitalsim)

    Saint Immmortal Technique! This man has words.

    Let us speak politics without violence.

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