The Secret Global Empire(s): Russ Baker & John Perkins

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by Laura Flaunders
Nov. 12, 2009

U.S. history has seen many presidents elected on a wave of progressive promises, only to see them compromise again and again once in office, caving to the very interests, military and corporate, that they railed against so effectively.  Barack Obama is only the latest to get elected on a promise to end a war and take care of working people, only to preside over an administration stacked with Wall Street types and wind up continuing a war he wanted to wind down.


Hoodwinked – Economic Meltdown — A Call for Systemic Change By John Perkins

John Perkins Reveals Why the World Financial Markets Imploded — and How to Remake Them

from the archives:

John Perkins: The Secret History of the American Empire (2007)

Russ Baker: Family of Secrets – The Bush Dynasty

7 thoughts on “The Secret Global Empire(s): Russ Baker & John Perkins

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  4. An excellent conversation with Perkins and Baker prompted by Laura Flanders!

    America is in the process of fomenting (wonderful process!) a new identity– personally and collectively. Perkins identified the common cause across this globe–abuse of NATURAL RESOURCES–including people laboring for corporate excess in impoverished countries. PEOPLE ARE NATURAL RESOURCES along with earth’s reservoir of water, minerals, air, and land itself–including the moon, etc.

    Thanks again, Dandelion Salad–you choose well!


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