Is Chomsky an Anarchist?

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November 20, 2009

Is Chomsky an Anarchist?


Noam Chomsky: Libertarian Socialism + The Relevance of Anarcho-syndicalism (1976)

Direct Democracy

Noam Chomsky & the Workers Solidarity Movement discuss politics over breakfast

Industrial Worker (IWW Newspaper) interviews Noam Chomsky

8 thoughts on “Is Chomsky an Anarchist?

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  3. Chomsky truly understands Anarcho-syndicalism .He understood how it worked in Spain and Mexico . in the 1980s he came and spent time with a friend of mine here who was an anarchist. i dont know if that makes Chomsky himself one.
    and if he is , then what kiind is he ?
    there are 6 schools of thought in Anarchism .
    Tolstoys , Bachunans, Godwin ,Krapotkin , etc .etc.
    it has seemed to me that Chomsky chooses from some of them and mixes it with socialism . there is a lot of Krapotins ”mutual aid theory ” in Chomskys work.

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  5. I agree with the video. It matters not what Chomsky is, it is his analysis and proposals that make the man …

    That having being said … Once again the whole relevance of our money creation and distribution is ignored …

    I believe that most of the ills we face as far as the distribution of the wealth of a society are directly associated with the private sector being the creator of money and most of the problems of the financial sector being caused by the leverage of that money creation.

    We the People should create our own money, free of interest with the goal of money value stability and the dispersion of that money for the Common Good.

    The value of money in the colloquial is in the payment of taxes, and through sovereign law, the medium of all transactions …

    I believe most of the problems of income distribution, mal-investment and corporatism could be addressed by removing the monopoly of money creation from private banks and returning it to the people.

    It is indeed a dearth of economic and financial knowledge that the left always addresses problems through solutions of the reform of governance rather than reforms of the economic and most importantly, monetary systems.

    Without the reform of the economy based on the creation of money by and for the benefit of the people through their government those that profit and plunder most will always have the money, our money, to game the system and the Common Good for their own purposes.

      • I have read Ellen Brown extensively … she’s put forward ideas that are revolutionary … Our entire modern history has been written, our institutions engineered and economies shaped by private ownership of fractional reserve banking since its inception by the Riksbank and the Bank of England in the 17th century.

        My point was that the left sees governance as the be all end all when in fact it is the privatization of money creation that causes most of our problems.

        Chomsky as a linguist needs to read Ellen Brown … as do all the “left” if they haven’t already, as you indeed have …

        The left needs to completely reconfigure their analyses, political, social and economic, to encompass these ideas …

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