Paul Krugman: The Return of Depression Economics

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New York Times columnist and Nobel economist Paul Krugman comes to the Hudson Union Society to talk about the aftermath of the global economic crisis.

He discusses what it will take to make a full recovery, and explores how issues ranging from cap and trade legislation to healthcare reform will affect America’s economy.

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4 thoughts on “Paul Krugman: The Return of Depression Economics

  1. notice how all of these socalled experts never tell the truth about the totally illeagle federal reserve/private bankers that stole the right to print $ from the peoples gov.back in 1913,during the congress’s christmas break!!!!!!!!!!!!!at the same time they shifted the tax burden from business profits to a totally illeagle tax on peoples wages–ALL WE HAVE TO DO IS RISE UP AND FORCE OUR corrupt polititions to reverse these two wrongs and we will be on our way to a real constutional gov.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • The tax on people’s wages was for WWI … They knew they were getting in …

      What we need is to print our own money without debt, something we did only briefly as the Continental. The Continental was destroyed by a British counterfeiting operation during the Revolutionary War.

      As far as taxing income there is no other way to fund government. The disparities of wealth and income would only explode creating a oligarchic system, much as we are moving to more slowly now …

  2. Not much new here. Paul “Shifty” Krugman continues to play his cards close to his vest.

    Shifty talks about the Japanese legacy of over 10 years of recession and deflation, says America can’t use this solution because the conditions aren’t the same and interjects his lame argument of stimulus without mentioning insolvent Wall Street Banks that will kill any recovery hoarding money to cover their unrecognized losses.

    Shifty will tell you that it is politically impossible to do what is necessary to avoid another 10 years of economic Hell so he is not going to advocate it … Thanks for nothing budddy !

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