The Stimulator vs Alex Jones

Dandelion Salad

November 20, 2009

Pt 2


1. Food Fight
2. No Deal for the planet
3. Hacking civilization
4. Running on empty
5. Greek Pre-Lube
6. Anarchy in the UK
7. The Stimulator VS Alex Jones


Refuse Allegiance to Coal by Chris Hedges h/t: Pollution in China – A Must Read

Carbon Tax War – Petition for a special War Emissions Trading Scheme

Climate Change Legislation: Defining Priorities By Nikki Alexander

3 thoughts on “The Stimulator vs Alex Jones

  1. All the C02 emmissions where funded by Bank[s]. Why then aren’t the banks held responsible for the disasterous effects?
    The bank’s have had their big time rallying Ying. It’s time for bank[s] to clean up the world and reap the rewards of an irresponsible “Individual{Enity}” and clean up[forced commitment] the Yang they have spread, ie. like any citizen[individual] who’s “littered”.
    Talk about an ecconomic rebound, if the bank[s] start losing money, the bank[s] will finish the “Clean-up” project before schedule and under budget.
    “We[I and others]” did not design, request, or desire the ruin of this, or any other planet.
    “We{I and Others}” were forced to use the products approved and provided to the public, while the “Govt[s]. of the People[s]” profitted from the tax’s off the backs of the “people[s]”, while the banks profitted from the dirty loans and interest generated.
    W/o these loans with interest these polluting mega/corp.’s would not have been funded.
    The Banks will hold the TAX money collected from us ewe’s for “Global Warming”, and again profit from the “VICTIMS”.
    Business as Usual, or does President Obama, have the cojones to end these practices? No !
    I believe; the climate change tax, is either about spreading U.S. Treasury Notes, or a new currency world-wide in order to enslave the poor in un-under-developed countries[they don’t have a Clue] through taxation, which will again end up in the Foreign MEGA BANK[s] again, suprise, suprise.
    Forgive the rant, Dandi. ?

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  3. I am looking at John Perkins model of global dominance of swirling clouds of power unattached to any country.

    I think this frame is a little naive in that these people in power will always want a military might backing their plays …

    Will these uber-players trust a country like China? I think not. I believe they are ensconced in Anglo~EU banking system run through the BIS …

    These swirling clouds are possible only through private banking … the banksters hold the high cards … energy companies right behind …

    And of course they can not admit to peak oil or climate change because it limits their profit and power. The illusion must be maintained … or the whole Ponzi Scheme comes tumbling down.

    Should the system unravel there will be unfathomable pain and purge, very possibly major warfare on the scale of WWII.

    This video is good in its generalizations but never really offers a framework of understanding …

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