Dennis Kucinich: More jobs & GET OUT of Afghanistan! + Obama plans to send 34,000 more troops

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November 24, 2009

11/24/09 MSNBC’s Hardball

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Obama plans to send 34,000 more troops to Afghanistan

By Jonathan S. Landay, John Walcott and Nancy A. Youssef
McClatchy Newspapers
November 23, 2009

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama met Monday evening with his national security team to finalize a plan to dispatch some 34,000 additional U.S. troops over the next year to what he’s called “a war of necessity” in Afghanistan, U.S. officials told McClatchy.

Obama is expected to announce his long-awaited decision on Dec. 1, followed by meetings on Capitol Hill aimed at winning congressional support amid opposition by some Democrats who are worried about the strain on the U.S. Treasury and whether Afghanistan has become a quagmire, the officials said.


via Obama plans to send 34,000 more troops to Afghanistan | McClatchy.


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11 thoughts on “Dennis Kucinich: More jobs & GET OUT of Afghanistan! + Obama plans to send 34,000 more troops

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  3. All of a sudden, watching this video after having watched Jane Goodall on the Bill Moyers Journal and having listened to Cindy Sheehan’s interview with Ralph Nader, the underlying issue for me came to this:

    We are in Afghanistan, fighting again The Indigenous Peoples! And in so doing, we are killing off some essential indigenous root in our own conduct of living. Conquering, no matter how many ideologic (idiotic) ways of justifying it, has to stop!

    In the end, it occurs to me, we all must all needs become indigenous to where we live.

    Maybe it’s time for each us to begin our own journalism: All it takes is the quiet of the morning, a pad of paper, and a pencil. Convening with oneself before the dream of the night gets subdued by triggers of the day.


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