Amy Goodman calls the Afghan Peace Vigil

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Nov. 26, 2009

Amy Goodman calls the Afghan Peace Vigil

Winter & the cold have arrived in Afghanistan

American Thanksgiving and our Afghan winter; Afghan vigilers’ telephone conversation with Amy Goodman

To our American friends, have a meaningful and warm Thanksgiving!

We especially thank Douglas Mackey and Dennis Mills for the tele-conversation we had with students of Olympia High School and Evergreen State College, as well as Amy Goodman for speaking to us in our Afghan silence.


via American Thanksgiving and our Afghan winter ; Afghan vigilers’ telephone conversation with Amy Goodman


American Thanksgiving & our Afghan winter

November 25, 2009

Amy Goodman’s 2.30 a.m. conversation with the vigilers on the 25th of November 2009‎

Hello! Salam to you Amy!‎

I want to ask you why you’re doing what you’re doing?‎
شما چرا این کارصلح را انجام می دهید؟

We want to raise the voice of peace in Afg & the world. Were hoping for Obama’s answer to ‎our peace message

Blood cannot wash away blood. Hate cannot wash away hate. War cannot wash away war.‎

خدا حافظ !‏
God protect you!‎

I was sick last week. I had fever & was shivering. I kept warm while I slept at home. Now Im ‎well & warm at heart. ‎
I think that friendship is warmth. Home is warmth! ‎
But war is cold & war freezes friendship.‎

Winter & the cold have arrived in Afghanistan.‎

Some places, the water at the spring freezes & the roads get cut off.

We have to collect precious fuel to keep warm. ‎

We can bear these physical challenges better than lies, war, violence & pride which make our ‎souls shake with their cold indifference, their isolation & their separation.‎

We sometimes wonder what we should expect from life, from history & from humanity. ‎Perhaps we shouldnt expect much because unrealistic expectations may silence our hopes.‎

We comfort one another in saying, It doesnt matter. God is kind. You may think that we ‎should be able to do better than to just have comforting words.

Even if we dont live through this winter, love would endure, love would last. ‎

Is war the sole answer to the problems of Afghanistan?‎

Cant life offer us more creative & noble alternatives? ‎

Yes, love would survive another winter.‎

Yes, love is how well ask for peace!‎

‎”The way of peace is the way of love. Love is the greatest power on earth. It conquers all ‎things.” Peace Pilgrim ‎

Peace stands together in love, giving thanks for warmth in the cold Afghan winter.‎


Afghan lady &  girl stand with vigil youth to give greetings of peace

This seems a time when we keep asking each other what is enough, what numbers, what ‎measures‎Against the grain, even the decay within ourselves, we stand with friends in the quiet ‎resolution that love is enough, yes, love is enough.‎

Others may take everything away from us, but they cannot take away love.‎

Love is how well ask for peace‎2nd Cup of Tea Peace Vigil, our second mile of love

Come stand with us for love!‎


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