Bill Moyers Journal: Dr. Jane Goodall + Roots & Shoots + The Daily Show

English: Jane Goodall attending the 18th Annua...

English: Jane Goodall attending the 18th Annual Hamptons International Film Festival at the Maidstone Hotel in East Hampton, New York. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dandelion Salad

Bill Moyers Journal
November 27, 2009

Dr. Jane Goodall

Despite dire warnings for our endangered planet, Jane Goodall says all is not yet lost — we can change course if we act now.

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Pt 2

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Roots & Shoots

BILL MOYERS JOURNAL looks at Roots & Shoots, a global environmental and humanitarian youth program of The Jane Goodall Institute.

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The Daily Show: Jane Goodall

The Daily Show
November 12, 2009

Jane Goodall weighs in on animal rights extremists and discusses her new community program, Roots and Shoots.

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Updated: Nov. 29, 2009

Jane Goodall: Helping humans and animals live together in Africa

September 08, 2008 The legendary chimpanzee researcher Jane Goodall talks about TACARE and her other community projects, which help people in booming African towns live side-by-side with threatened animals.

2 thoughts on “Bill Moyers Journal: Dr. Jane Goodall + Roots & Shoots + The Daily Show

  1. My view:
    We have found much about ourselves by observing others.
    Sometimes our visions are mistakenly deciphered to conclude imprecise ways of elucidating our role in the environment.
    We are imitating apes –not that we imitate apes, we are apes that imitate behaviors-, guided by a set of imposed given behavioral patterns mainly offered by the media.

    Most of our iconic heroes are hollowed economically rewarded symbols with no significantly valuable qualities other than succeeding on a synthetic created environment.
    The actions and attitudes to emulate are those which situate us in search of rewards artificially created with no further substantial gain on accomplishment.

    Our own diversity has created groups within our society.
    Religion, color, beauty, physical complexion, social and economical status, age, race… and not just a few of the before mentioned preferences, positions or characteristics are taken to extremes to antagonize one another.
    Left, right, extremism, fundamentalism.

    Attributes such as compassion and helpfulness make us look to our eyes as weak in the society we have created.
    And although it is true, we need to stand strong against the world we have conformed, it is also true that cooperation, teamwork and support will present a much productive tool than the antagonism and competition which has served us much in the past of our evolving journey.

    We see in the news, discussions about if we should send more troops, or if we are to take more aggressive actions against our so called “enemies”.
    How is this above different from the attitude we took in ancient, medieval, past or recent history?
    The approach is exactly the same.

    What I see in the eyes of Jane Goodall goes beyond words, further than just simple communication.
    A sense of calmness and peace, and I understand I am very much affected by my own conception of the world, but on looking into her eyes, I sense our recent past history -in terms of astronomical time-, we just came down the trees, wobbling, like a toddler, we have experimented in the wrong path, but right direction…
    We might need of slight adjustments to re-direct ourselves on a better course.

    As arrogant as we are, we need to understand that in terms of evolution we have not yet come out of the shell.
    And it will come difficult for us to realize that short term rewards will not take us to the objectives we would like to accomplish.

    There is so much peace in the eyes of Jane.

  2. sooooo disappointed with Jane’s interview on The Daily Show in which she talks about all Animal Rights advocates as “wackos” who freak out about what kind of wax her birthday candles are made of. It was a golden opportunity for her to point out that the majority of AR advocates are not belligerent “extremists” and she sadly let that opportunity pass.

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