Anti-WTO demonstration in Geneva

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Dandelion Salad

November 29, 2009 A demonstration against WTO in Geneva, Switzerland, ends violently.

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9 thoughts on “Anti-WTO demonstration in Geneva

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  2. Yes the protest ended violently …

    Unfortunately the programs and policies of the WTO end in dislocation, joblessness, poverty, starvation, financial collapse and environmental degradation for hundreds of millions of people.

    How do you compare the two without ever seeing the results of WTO policies on corporate media? At some point violence will be the only alternative … as it is in many third world countries now.

    • Violence is never the alternative. I do agree that the policies of the WTO create huge amounts of poverty, death and destruction, etc, but we can’t resort to violence in our protests. Two wrongs never make a right.

      • dandelionsalad

        Of course violence is an alternative. Some times it is the difference between living and dying due to starvation, disease and ethnic cleansing.

        I know you follow Latin America. The indigenous peoples there really have had no choice as the dictatorships steal land and implement population purges, including mass killings …

        You and your family go without food for a week and see if you would consider violence to feed yourself … See if you wouldn’t take up arms if your friends and relatives were slaughtered.

        Sometimes violence in self defense is your only recourse …

        • That’s OK for non-Christians, but those of us who follow Jesus have hope, and therefore we know that this life is nothing compared to eternity, so we choose martyrdom. Of course, that doesn’t mean that I condemn those who made other choices. It’s not up to me to judge others.

        • And your answer to a beast like Hitler … ?

          Generally I have to agree with you but sometimes you have to go down swinging …

        • The Danish King’s arm was tattoo’d[some Dane’s did too] similar to that, which the Un-Wanted’s[jews/others] had to have[lil confusion].
          This King and his countrymen showed Great Character, with this act of defiance[non-violent act, w/violent consequences].
          They also sabotaged rail and wire lines{violence} knowing the penalty, Death.
          The lines between non-violent and violent are dictated by one side oppressing the other.
          W.T.O. like the oppressive Nassi/Facsist will always prepare for the oppressed resistance{notice the familiar Garb[Police] suits}.

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