“Killing is right and proper” (What happened at Travis AFB, yesterday) by Cindy Sheehan + video

by Cindy Sheehan
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Nov. 29, 2009

Cindy Sheehan with "not an oath keeper"

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Yesterday, Bay Area CODEPINK and I, started our caravan to Creech AFB in Nevada with a morning peace rally at Travis AFB in Fairfield, CA.

After we got there we were informed that we had to move off the base and were shown by MPs where we could protest. As good warriors for free speech and peace, we groused about it and we were moving forward to where we were supposed to go, when a very angry older man pulled up and started yelling at us to: “Don’t go, I want to counter protest you.” I told him, first of all, he shouldn’t be drinking so early in the morning, and secondly not to worry, that we were going anywhere, we were just moving about 100 yards away.

We decided to just stop and take a picture by the Travis AFB sign and then we were going to get back in our cars to caravan down to Lemoore NAS because it was extremely windy and we were running a little late anyway.

I was giving a little speech denouncing the drone-bombing program and the upcoming 50 percent troop escalation to Afghanistan, when the angry old man, now dressed in a military uniform, charged around the corner and got right into my bullhorn—I told him to get out of my face and he very violently slaps the bullhorn away from me.

Everything happened so quickly: I was so shocked that I was actually physically assaulted that I just turned away from him and that’s when my colleague, Suzanne immediately jumped to my aid and got between the man and me. He swore profusely and pushed her—and then a mini-melee ensued. The numerous MPs and POs that were there finally intervened after I asked them to stop the man from assaulting my friends. I touched no one even though I was within my rights to defend myself. The video clearly shows that the aggressor and the person who brought unreasoning anger and violence to the rally was Sgt. Phil Ward

After the mini-melee, a Fairfield Police Officer, told Suzanne and I that we couldn’t press charges against the man who physically assaulted us because it was a “he-said, she-said” situation, when at least one dozen law enforcement officers were standing around and witnessing the events AND if we did press charges, then Suzanne and I would also have to go to jail until things got sorted out! Complete bullshit.

After all that, when we were leaving, like we were asked to, I got about 2 feet out of the parking lot and I noticed one of the CODEPINK women was not in the van, so I pulled over to the side of the road to wait for her and as soon I we got rolling again, to add insult to injury, I WAS PULLED OVER and detained for about one-half hour and kept isolated in my car from the others until I was presented with a ticket for “impeding traffic!”

We dropped my daughter’s car off and I hopped in the van with a group of desperadoes, (with me being the third youngest, at 52, and six out of eleven in the van being over 70), and we headed down to Lemoore NAS and a National Guard post in Fresno. After another three- hour drive from Fresno, we landed at a cheap motel in Mojave California and I was shocked to open my email and see that I had received numerous emails attacking me for essentially “bullying” a poor, old military veteran.

I watched the news videos to confirm my recollection, which was 100 percent correct. I got to watch an interview that Phil Ward did after his attack on us and he says that the killing in the wars is “right and proper” and was exceedingly upset with Obama because he is only sending 34,000 more troops to Afghanistan when the generals asked for 40,000 more. During an interview with me, I am clearly shaken, but I say, “no matter how much violence they bring to us, we will bring them more peace.”

A thing to think about in this whole episode, is that at least one area newspaper posted that we were going to be at Travis AFB, and it only drew ONE person out to protest us who was unreasonably aggressive and almost comically out of control? Hmm—it makes one wonder what Phil Ward was up to. He charged out of his car at us from the second he got there and felt it was okay to be physically aggressive towards me and the other protestors and he did get away with it with impunity?

We will bring them more peace, but we will also bring them justice, too, as we are planning on pressing charges against Phil Ward as soon as we return from Creech AFB.

There’s scum that attack and more scum that protect those attackers.

There’s scum that take away our rights to peaceably assemble and to freedom of speech, and more scum that protect those who try to steal those rights.

We the People need to be the ones to vigorously defend our rights and defend peace on earth from everyone from Sgt. Phil Ward to President Obama who think that killing is “right and proper.”

Video of Phil Ward attacking our protest:


Getting up early to stop at Edwards AFB and Nellis AFB on our way to Creech in Nevada—the other stops yesterday were uneventful and we just want to peaceably protest without any further assaults.



Right Wing Caricature Gets Physical at Cindy Sheehan Rally

November 29, 2009

“It doesn’t get any easier but life isn’t easy and I’m never going to stop — no matter how much we’re oppressed, no matter how much violence they bring to us, we’re going to bring peace to them.” — Cindy Sheehan, Travis Air Force Base, Saturday, November 28th, 2009

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  3. Hmmmm…seems to be a post missing here…probably just my old eyes…Anyways, I think everyone agrees that there should have been a “geezer alert” when the guy came up and got in CS’s face. And I think most people agree that nobody has a right to interfere with freedom of speech, even if it’s coming out of a bullhorn (personally, I think those damn things are more trouble than they’re worth, and give a lot of us peace-nicks a very bad rap). But I think it’s scandalous to make the old guy to be a “bad guy.” Just a product of his times, and very, VERY old. Possibly intoxicated. I am hoping that ALL peace-nicks get schooled in ways to anti-escalate events around them. Otherwise, there will. just be more ugly events such as this one. But perhaps my views aren’t welcome here anymore. Guess I’ll just mosey along, and what the fuck do I know anyway?

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  6. I don’t have the nonviolent activist training that a lot of the rest of CodePink and VFP has, so I don’t think I’d have done a very good job of keeping my redheaded temper under control in that situation. That’s one of the reasons I make it a personal choice not to be arrested during my activism, because if people get physical with me (as often happens during these arrests) the person I am is just not going to tolerate that on a molecular level, and that could be Bad(tm).

    More power to you Cindy for keeping your cool. Now he has to live with the knowledge that there’s video of him trying to push a bunch of women around. Nice.

    Oh and take it from this ex-USAF troopie, It actually says a lot that the guy is that old and has seen ‘Nam service and is still only a MSgt. Geez, I enlisted relatively late in life and I made Buck Sergeant by age 27. I think he is a problem child who has lost a stripe or two in his time. ;-7

    Hugs and best wishes. –E

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