Amy Goodman speaks in Vancouver: Dissent is what will save us! (must-see) + Amy Goodman tells about her mother dying

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VMC Video Exclusive: Amy Goodman speaks in Vancouver | Vancouver Media Co-op

By the time Amy Goodman spoke to a standing room only crowd at Vancouver’s Public Library on Wednesday, November 25, there was one thing on everyone’s mind: the 2010 Olympics.

Goodman’s talk started over an hour late, because the US radio host was detained by Canadian Border Services Agency, who asked her if she would be talking about the Olympics during her speech.

“I’m embarrassed, cause as some people who know me know, I’m not a real sports fan,” said Goodman, who said her knowledge of the 2010 Olympics was “exactly zero.”

“To say the least I’m very taken aback by what I just went through, very shocked to be asked what I was going to talk about, and to see my colleagues computers being gone through” at the border, she said, before proceeding with her talk.

Camera – Carlos Melendez and Driss Abassi
Editing – Franklin López
Text – Dawn Paley


Updated April 1, 2013

Amy Goodman tells about her mother dying Pt 1

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Recorded November 19, 2009, at All Saints Church in Pasadena, CA


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    • Which “guys” are you talking about? The Canadian border patrol? My guess is that they don’t make the rules/laws but only enforce them. So, someone higher up had to make it rule to stop journalists who may be talking against the Olympics? I don’t know.

  1. THANKS DANDELION I lived in Vancouver in the 60’s and I am a self confessed ex anti Vietnam war pot smoking psychedelic pioneer,political activist ,I hope the RCMP have not burnt my file ,I thank Amy very much ,she an American woman journalist that we can all love,”crossing the border into Canada” story ,is a “wonderful tale of misunderstanding,” worthy of the nations attention Canadian identity ?Democracy now is a voice against the Afghan/Iraq war ( feared by the RCMP ?) loved by many Canadians and people around the world, Here in the great city of London,they are counting the money, lights burn late into the night in the grand houses,the air is filled with the sound of laughter, celebrations of great success with the Federal reserve?CEO speeches and cheers ,what joy there is in victory’s Contrast this with the expectations of the homeless urban proletariat ?it paints a pretty ugly picture,The word on the street brothers and sisters is FUBAR, you don’t know how lucky you are in Canada and the United states.On the” Freddie and the Freak Brothers “Doom and Gloom scale, yours is a happier world ? I wish you all peace, love and to keep the faith

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