Lawrence Wilkerson: “Obama’s choice” pure politics

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December 03, 2009

Lawrence Wilkerson: Obama’s campaign rhetoric and his generals put him in a corner on Afghanistan


The Afghan Quagmire by Ralph Nader

Rachel Maddow: Erik Prince of Blackwater a CIA Spy +Tycoon, Contractor, Soldier, Spy by Adam Ciralsky

Message from Afghanistan

Examining Obama’s Rationale for Escalating the War in Afghanistan by Jeremy R. Hammond

Zoya: A Voice from Afghanistan: Waging war does not bring democracy

Dennis Kucinich: We’re Acting Like a Latter Day Version of the Roman Empire

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5 thoughts on “Lawrence Wilkerson: “Obama’s choice” pure politics

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    • Be sure to watch both parts of this interview to grasp Wilkerson’s perspective. (especially if you were enchanted with Gatto’s remarks!)

      How Wilkerson addresses the Presidency and our diplomatic relationships with other countries is broad and meaningful. “We cannot be the new Rome,” he says, and he addresses more fully the paradigm we are in.


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