Obama’s True Colors By Timothy V. Gatto

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[note slightly edited July 22, 2010]


By Timothy V. Gatto
Featured Writer
Dandelion Salad
December 4, 2009

Let me start by offering my condolences to those who lost their knight in shining armor. I would like to take this opportunity to say I told you so, but that would be the act of a man kicking someone who’s down, so I won’t.

I guess by now that Barack Obama has pretty much lost all the support he had from the so-called left. His decision to send thirty thousand more troops into that cesspit they call Afghanistan should be enough to convince everyone except the dumbest of the dumb, that we aren’t going to get any type of “change” from this man. Obama is firmly in the pockets of the Military Industrial Corporate Complex.

I just want to touch briefly on the points he raised with his lame Bush-like speech. First of all, the attacks of 9/11 didn’t come from Afghanistan, second of all, they can contemplate attacks on America from a desert island, thirdly, this is JUST like Vietnam and fourthly, how do you escalate so you can withdraw? How would you like to be one of the soldiers being sent to that hell-hole knowing that your country was just going to withdraw anyway?

The Taliban offered Bin Laden to America if we pressed charges on him. We didn’t so they didn’t. Obama might want to check his facts. Of all the lame ass reasons for fighting a war halfway across the world in a no-man’s land, “making Americans safe” isn’t one of them. This goes to Obama’s mindset. He must think we are all incredibly naive or incredibly stupid, or both.

I for one want to kick up the protest against this war up a notch. I think everyone that can possibly get to Washington DC this March should start making plans to do so. We should shut this government down. Look at the health care legislation and where that went. It’s turned into a bailout for the drug companies and the insurance companies. The most sickening thing about all of this is that Obama and the worms on Capitol Hill knew all along how they were going to direct this legislation in favor of their corporate masters. What a sham!

I don’t expect people to come join me and become a Socialist, but it’s really time you left that Republican-Democrat paradigm. They operate for the benefit of those who really hold the power in this country, the trans-national corporations that could give a damn about regular Americans. Support Obama at your own risk. Orwell would have been proud.

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10 thoughts on “Obama’s True Colors By Timothy V. Gatto

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  2. right on tim . but let us not forget that many many people that claim to be progressive are still under his spell . i have never seen anything like it . its called denial –and that aint a river in Egypt.

    • I was thinking of several people that we know that are still not willing to look at what Obama and his admin are actually doing and instead just holding on to their illusion(s) about him.

  3. I also recommend Bill Moyers Journal (link above at the upper right side of page)…especially Moyers “moment in historical PROCESS” at the end.


  4. I think Obama is President in a transitional era. My perception flows more like that of Lawrence Wilkerson (see link above and watch both clips of the interview).


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  6. Yep, the faux left is finally waking up to the real Obama.

    They had become just like the people they criticized and mocked … the paparazzi idol worshipers of athletes, celebrities and actors. Their fix was Obama.

    All through the bankster giveaways, the diminishing of civil and privacy rights, the corporate appointments and the bloated military budgets they defended Obama and his neoliberal policies. It was was the mass hypnosis of know it all intellectuals and the racial guilt crowd.

    Now they are enraged at their own failures of judgment … What a crock … Obama was there for all to see way before the election, if one bothered to look.

  7. Well said. The Big Banks and Corporations rule America. Obama is becoming a zombie president for a limp populace content to drivel over the doings of Tiger and Brad and Angelina and TV. Good luck with DC. The peace movement has been effectively dead since millions in the streets to stop the Iraq invasion went no where.


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