Leaked climate draft sparks anger

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December 08, 2009

The climate change conference in Copenhagen is barely under way and already a leaked draft agreement is pitting developing nations against their wealthier counterparts.

If the documents are accurate, the proposal would see more power in the hands of rich nations, the UN’s negotiating role sidelined and the Kyoto Protocol abandoned.

Developing nations are furious and say they will not sign on to an inequitable deal that they argue would limit their economic growth.

Al Jazeera’s Alan Fisher explains.



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  5. Yep, they are going to get everyone into the WTO Doha Round agreement yet … Now they are trying climate extortion.

    The World Bank (US Presidency) through the BIS will enforce these agreements while financial speculators turn the reductions into derivatives that can be used to cripple countries that don’t have the experts to unravel them… and that is everybody but the US an the EU.

    The whole Copenhagen Meeting is turning into Seattle 99 but the developing countries are more than ready to tell the EU and the US to shove it …

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    Architect of Credit Default Swaps behind the Development of “Carbon Derivatives”


      • Thanks,

        I gotta say this deal stinks to high heaven … That they would have to nerve to try and pull another one over on developing countries …

        I used your post by Greg Palast over at The Nation and I think that’s where they got it, I didn’t see it there before. It’s in the Decmeber 21 edition …


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