Behind the US-Colombian defense cooperation

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December 09, 2009

In October, the US and Colombia signed a defense cooperation agreement. Sold as US support for the war on drugs, why has it caused outrage in South America?




Washington alters US Air Force document to hide intentions behind military accord with Colombia by Eva Golinger

Official US Air Force Document Reveals the True Intentions Behind the US-Colombia Military Agreement By Eva Golinger


6 thoughts on “Behind the US-Colombian defense cooperation

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  5. There is no war on drugs[name a drug sentenced to prison], only people are sentenced to prison, no, they can’t take the offending drug[s] with them.
    Foriegn Policy, Nixson style to current President];
    Destroying eco-system,
    stealing lands,
    confiscating property,
    and finally,
    the en-slavement or killing of the poor and the unable or non compliant peasants[human beings]

    Remember, let me say it again, Remember;
    “We[USA]” are doing this for the citizen’s of the world.
    “We” do this for their health and safety.
    “We are bringing “Law and Order” to Bannana Republics.
    “We” are not there for any kind of profit.
    “We” are not there for cheap land, low labor costs, bannana tax breaks, building armies, security forces, profit prisons, ect. .. “We’re there to help, right ? ?
    A thousand points of light, from the tips of an M-4MG.

  6. The Colombian people need to fear the presence of more Colombian and US troops. They are the ones smuggling the drugs with the helping hand of the CIA. Venzuela is rightfully arming themselves. The US presence is a threat. A threat because of the oil reserves of Colombia and Venzuela. The US needs to get out and stay out of the affairs of other countries. The current policy only generates ill will.

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