stimulator: 12 Monkeys

Dandelion Salad

December 10, 2009…
This week:

1. Its all Greek to me
2. Tegucigolpe
3. War is Peace
4. Disrupt the flows
5. Submerged Bangladesh
6. Fred Hampton
7. Calle 13
8. Twelve Monkeys


Honduras: An election validated by blood and repression

Cindy Sheehan: How Dare You? + speech transcript

Obama Doctrine: Eternal War For Imperfect Mankind by Rick Rozoff

Naomi Klein on the Danish Text + The Price of Climategate Emails

The Black Panthers and the Assassination of Fred Hampton

Chaos in Athens as protesters mark teenager’s death – 07 Dec 09

from the archives:

Riots break out in Greece after police shoot 15-year-old boy + Violent protests in Greece intensify