Hundreds arrested at climate change demo + Police Attack Sound Truck

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December 13, 2009

Danish police say they’ve arrested nearly a thousand people during mass protests on the fringes of the climate change summit in Copenhagen. Many of them are said to be members of the Black Blocs group, an organisation which advocates violent direct action and which disrupted the NATO summit in France in April. They’ve threatened unspecified protests next week when world leaders join the summit.


Hundreds Detained at Mass Climate Rally

Tens of thousands of protesters marched in Copenhagen and at least 600 were detained Saturday as climate talks hit a snag over rich nations’ demands on China and other emerging economies. (Dec. 12)


COP15: Police Attack Sound Truck and Assault/Arrest Media at “Stop Means of Production” Demonstration

December 13, 2009

On December 13, 2009 Activists protesting the climate change conference organized by the UN were “pre-emptively” stopped, arrested and their sound equipment was seized. The Hit the Production non-violent march towards Copenhagen port, which was aiming to underscore the connection of global capital to the underlying climate change talks was charged by the riot police. The march started at 12:00pm and at first the police peacefully escorted the procession. At 1pm the demonstration was blocked, the crowd was surrounded, and police entered the sound car forcefully to shut down the march. Together with about two hundred protesters, journalists and in particular camera people were assaulted and pushed away from the scene. Some of the members of the press were threatened and attacked with pepper spray by the police.


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Protests in Copenhagen: Rights groups press for inquiry into police tactics | Environment | The Guardian

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  2. Preventive action arrests, before or after, “throwing stones” ?
    Do all the Worlds Police have simuliar Costumes, w/o any markings visable, other than the word “POLICE”?
    Listen to a real Noble “Peace Prize Laureate” Desmond Tutu. He is warning the Elite’s, there will No Escape Ha, ha ha, that is strong language.
    Please change now, or we all will suffer later.

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