Lauren Booth’s powerful speech: Free Gaza + NLG Gaza Delegation Report

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Adrian Cousins on Jan 11, 2009

Lauren Booth is speaking at “Stop The Gaza Massacre” Demonstration in London on January 10, 2009. This video clip is also planned to be included into an upcoming Gaza documentary by Joshua Smith. Lauren Booth Wikipedia page:



This video may contain images depicting the reality and horror of war/violence and should only be viewed by a mature audience.

Report from the NLG Gaza Delegation

December 13, 2009

Report back from the National Lawyers Guild Gaza Delegation recorded October 15, 2009 at the NLG Law for the People 2009 Convention in Seattle. Speakers include Radhika Sainath, Reem Salahi, Tom Nelson and Jimmy Leas.


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2 thoughts on “Lauren Booth’s powerful speech: Free Gaza + NLG Gaza Delegation Report

  1. Proof again, if proof be needed, that Zionism is a world away from Judaism. A completely different world filled with secular people with little or no religious affiliation.

    It is true, of course, that Theodor Herzl, himself, was a secular Jew – but his vision was an entirely peaceful one of a small, independent entity within the greater land of Palestine. He never envisaged at any time a Jewish state controlling the host country, let alone that entire Muslim region of the Middle East.

    But then, Herzl was a humanist from a cultured, West European background. He had little empathy with the aggressive East European emigrants who were used to the obtaining of goals by force.

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