CIA Agent Captured in Cuba By Eva Golinger

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By Eva Golinger
Postcards from the Revolution
Dec. 13, 2009

An employee of a CIA front organization that also funds opposition groups in Venezuela was detained in Cuba last week

An article published in the December 12th edition of the New York Times revealed the detention of a US government contract employee in Havana this past December 5th. The employee, whose name has not yet been disclosed, works for Development Alternatives, Inc. (DAI), one of the largest US government contractors providing services to the State Department, the Pentagon and the US Agency for International Development (USAID). The employee was detained while distributing cellular telephones, computers and other communications equipment to Cuban dissident and counterrevolutionary groups that work to promote US agenda on the Caribbean island.

Last year, the US Congress approved $40 million to “promote transition to democracy” in Cuba. DAI was awarded the main contract, “The Cuba Democracy and Contingency Planning Program”, with oversight by State and USAID. The use of a chain of entities and agencies is a mechanism employed by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) to channel and filter funding and strategic political support to groups and individuals that support US agenda abroad. The pretext of “promoting democracy” is a modern form of CIA subversion tactics, seeking to infiltrate and penetrate civil society groups and provide funding to encourage “regime change” in strategically important nations, such as Venezuela, with governments unwilling to succumb to US dominance.



3 thoughts on “CIA Agent Captured in Cuba By Eva Golinger

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  2. Why should t his surprise me? Although pretending to be a ‘democracy’, the US has always undermined democracies all over the world. The moment a government looks after the interests of its own people, the US is sure to see to it that the government is removed by any means. The US is the world’s cancer.

  3. The United States and the illegal shadow government it maintains, needs to get out of the internal affairs of other governments, and focus on getting its own ill-running government into order.

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