Cap & Trade: A Critical Look at Carbon Trading

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Dec. 15, 2009

Cap & Trade: A Critical Look at Carbon Trading

Will the expansion of carbon emissions trading help stop global warming or just create a new market for Wall Street to make billions? We air excerpts of Annie Leonard’s The Story of Cap and Trade and speak with Larry Lohmann and Frank Ackerman. [includes rush transcript]

(starts at 42:00 minutes in)

Larry Lohmann, author of the book Carbon Trading: A Critical Conversation on Climate Change, Privatization and Power. He works at the British NGO The Corner House.

Frank Ackerman, an economist at the Stockholm Environment Institute and author of Can We Afford the Future?: The Economics of a Warming World.

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11 thoughts on “Cap & Trade: A Critical Look at Carbon Trading

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  10. Should be called “Cap and Trap”!
    This “money” won’t clear the air, clean the water, nor stop deforestation, it will only collect interest in their bank.
    More money for those that used money that advanced and enhanced the despoiling of the planet in the first place.
    Third world countries beware; of the promises of “free” gifts.

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