Delay this Health Care Bill By Timothy V. Gatto

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By Timothy V. Gatto
Featured Writer
Dandelion Salad
December 17, 2009

The current debate over health care has turned into something that is unlike anything that comes even remotely like what most Americans wanted. It would be easier to tell you exactly what is wrong with the bill, but it seems to be a secret, an all encompassing bill that the Democrats want to spring on the people of this country without telling them exactly what’s in it.

Not only does this administration want you to trust them in this, you know, the same administration that wants to pursue “just” wars all around the globe, but now it wants to require everyone to have insurance or pay a fine. I want to know exactly what kind of health insurance they are offering. It seems that the Democrats have been asking the people to accept compromise after compromise.

What is the hurry? Why does this flawed bill that nobody knows the particulars of, need to pass by Christmas? We have a Congress that will return after the holidays, let them hammer out a bill that we can accept. I’m afraid that this legislation gives more to the insurance companies than it gives to the people. There is no great rush to pass this bill, Obama be damned, and he doesn’t deserve our loyalty. The speech he gave when accepting the Nobel Prize for peace that he didn’t deserve proves this. He is a creature of the corporate world and for this reason alone we can’t trust him.

Progressives should demand that the bill see the light of day and be reviewed to see what exactly it contains. This legislation affects all of us, right, left and center. The Democrats want to ram this through and make it the law of the land. I have way too many questions to give it my blessing and anyone but the most brainwashed Democrat should have the same misgivings. Sometimes it pays to go slowly. If it is a good bill it will pass eventually. The hysteria that surrounds the bill makes me suspect that there are parts of it that some want to keep hidden until it is too late.

Write to your elected corporate representative and tell them that without full disclosure, the bill should not be passed in the shadows.

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7 thoughts on “Delay this Health Care Bill By Timothy V. Gatto

  1. The dice have been loaded against the populace-at-large for as ever as one can research back. Up to now, perhaps, it hasn’t been so blatant…many more of the citizenry sense, if not outright define, that noted “rottenness in Denmark,” that stench coming in large and small ways to our sensibilities, those who are wielding us like so many dead fish outright boasting. Pride may preclude their fall!

    In the meantime, one example: Can someone clarify for me how an elected official–the most recent a House member from Alabama–can change Party affiliation without the consent of his/her electing constituency?!? To me that is a betrayal that should be confronted as illegal!

    For most of us, living is basic and immediate, while our government and large corporations/industries are joined at the hip in what to us is a virtual reality. To them, we-the-people are but derivatives they play with!

    Our strength is knowing it for what it is….and knowing who we really are. The rest will include patience and personal choices commensurate with an ethos that includes the welfare of this planet. No one response suits all.

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  6. Delay it ?

    Why Not

    Kill It …

    This Bill is a sham, stinks to high heaven … let’s tens of thousands die before it takes effect , mandatory payments to the corporacratic health care companies …. Kill this Bill !

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