Keith Olbermann’s Special Comment: Not Health, Not Care, Not Reform

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thinkingliberal’s channel on Nov 28, 2011

Keith Olbermann stresses that he does not support the current “perversion of health care reform,” urging Senate Democrats to drop the bill. December 16, 2009




Health care reform that benefits the industry at the cost of the people is intolerable and there are no moral constructs in which it can be supported. And if still the bill and this heinous mandate become law there is yet further reaction required. I call on all those whose conscience urges them to fight, to use the only weapon that will be left to us if this bill becomes law. We must not buy federally mandated insurance if this cheesy counterfeit of reform is all we can buy.

No single payer? No sale. No public option? No sale. No Medicare buy-in? No sale. I am one of the self-insured, albeit by choice. And I hereby pledge that I will not buy this perversion of health care reform. Pass this at your peril, Senators, and sign it at yours, Mr. President. I will not buy this insurance. Brand me a lawbreaker if you choose. Fine me if you will. Jail me if you must.


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  7. Well stated; however, where was the drumbeat for viable reform earlier on? The media is as much to blame as the bought off Congress and President. Not just currently, but historically.

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