Obama Speaks of Evil By Ed Ciaccio

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Protest Drone Attacks

by Ed Ciaccio
Dandelion Salad
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December 17, 2009

In Oslo, Obama speaks of evil…

While his robot-drones rain death from skies above Afghanistan and Pakistan,

And untried suspects rot in Guantanamo cages and are tortured in Bagram cells, in “unlimited detention.”

Obama speaks of evil…

As he orders 30 thousand more occupiers, at one million dollars per helmet, to the eighth year of  revenge/collective punishment of one of the poorest countries on earth,

As suicide bombs shatter Baghdad, where oil corporation execs gather to divvy the spoils,

And the world’s largest fortress/embassy belies U.S. withdrawal pledges,

While deformed babies suffer and die in Fallujah, where our depleted uranium will forever fester.

Obama speaks of evil…

Though he never objected as Palestinians were massacred by U.S. weapons in Gaza and democracy was destroyed in Honduras,

While his massive military, its carbon footprint larger than that of most nations’,  glowers from 800 bases in 100 countries and patrols every ocean, “out of enlightened self-interest,” he reminds us, not “to impose our will,”

And his national insecurity budget, larger than that of all other countries’ combined, steals half his citizens’ taxes for empire,

While the Corporate Tools in Congress and fear mongers in mainscream media rant about deficits from health care “reform,”

And another hundred thousand lose their jobs, their health insurance, their homes, their hopes.

Obama speaks of evil…

As he refuses to prosecute the many Bush/Cheney war crimes – wars of aggression, murder, torture, rape, mass killing of civilians, intentional destruction of vital infrastructure, use of outlawed weapons –  in defiance of the law and his sworn oath,

Though he nobly extols respect for “rules of the road” and international “standards,”

All the while blithely ignoring them.

Obama speaks of evil…

And modern technology that, “… allows a few small men with outsized rage to murder innocents on a horrific scale,” conveniently ignoring his ten thousand nukes still poised to unleash incalculable horror much worse than Hiroshima,

While his Energy Dept. budget wastes seven billion more dollars on “improved” thermonuclear warheads,

And he refuses to sign a treaty banning landmines.

Obama speaks of evil…

After making deals with War Street and Big Pharma to protect their sacred bottom lines,

And his majority Party shifts wealth from citizens’ pockets to Insurance Corporations, calling it “health care reform,”

While more Americans suffer and sink to the economic bottom,

And 135,000, including 6,000 veterans, will die waiting for “health care reform” to start in 2013.

Obama speaks of evil…

Even as he orders secret CIA/Xe assassin-warfare in Pakistan, Green Berets into Yemen, and the re-activated Fourth Fleet off the coast of South America,

Even as he builds more war bases in Colombia, and Romania, and Bulgaria, added to those in the Balkans, Israel, throughout Central Asia, in Africa, and wherever oil, gas, or cell phone minerals lie, just waiting to be “protected” by the mightiest military of the largest empire in history,

Even as he stalls how the U.S. , with less than 5% of earth’s population using 30% of its resources and making 30% of its waste, will help stop catastrophic climate change,

And even though if everyone lived as wastefully as Americans, humanity would need five Earths to produce the resources needed, for, as Dubya’s Daddy told us years ago, “The American way of life is non-negotiable.”

And so Obama speaks of evil.


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