President Hugo Chavez Lambasts Capitalism at COP15

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Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez addresses COP15, the United Nations Climate Change Conference. Criticizing the destructive practices of the capitalist system, Chavez fears that the “infinite model” of capitalism will exhaust the finite resources of the environment.

Hugo Chavez is the President of Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. As the leader of the Bolivarian Revolution, Chávez promotes a political doctrine of participatory democracy, socialism and Latin American and Caribbean cooperation. He is also a critic of neoliberalism, globalization, and United States foreign policy.

A career military officer, Chávez founded the left-wing Fifth Republic Movement after orchestrating a failed 1992 coup d’état against former President Carlos Andrés Pérez. Chávez was elected President in 1998 with a campaign centering on promises of aiding Venezuela’s poor majority, and was reelected in 2000 and in 2006. Domestically, Chávez has maintained nationwide Bolivarian Missions, whose goals are to combat disease, illiteracy, malnutrition, poverty, and other social ills.

Abroad, Chávez has acted against the Washington Consensus by supporting alternative models of economic development, and has advocated cooperation among the world’s poor nations, especially those in Latin America.


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14 thoughts on “President Hugo Chavez Lambasts Capitalism at COP15

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  8. Another excellent book is The Green Zone by Barry Sanders. Our military is the world’s biggest polluter and destroyer. Not just the bombs and the depleted uranium, but the fuel to carry those bombs all around the world. If every American was No Impact Man, we would still be the biggest polluter and destroyer of our environment due to our military alone.

    But we don’t seem to care. We continue to vote to authorize the government to continue what it is doing, and by voting we grant our “consent of the governed” to bailouts, torture, wars of aggressions based on lies, crimes against humanity–as long as we can get a chance to vote for legal pot, marriage equality, for whatever political party we prefer or against the demon the other party is running. We love our cars more than ourselves, more than our neighbors, more than the planet, more than life itself. We can’t even manufacture them here any more and we have to import the gasoline, but our cars are our personal freedom, so we’ll continue to grant our “consent of the governed” by voting in any election, even if we know our votes don’t really count and can be overridden–because we equate voting, rather than self-governance, with democracy.

    We do NOT have a democratic form of government. Not even a republic, no less a democracy. The supreme power over government in the U.S. is vested by our Constitution in an unelected Supreme Court, not in the hands of the people. And we accept that. We have no alternative but to accept it–other than armed revolution and where the heck would we park our cars?

    A friend who lives in Venezuela visited me the other day. He was born and raised here in the U.S. and he is very happy in Venezuela. I envy him. The Bolivarian revolution in Venezuela, he explained to me, doesn’t appear to be very revolutionary. Instead of bearded, rifle-toting Che Guevaras, there are good schools, health care clinics, quiet little improvements in the lives of the poor–things that our government cannot afford because it has to bail out banks and wage wars of aggression. So we can’t afford free health care or good schools for the children of the poor. Ain’t freedom grand?

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  10. Chavez is off base … We saw the USSR pollute, pollute, pollute …

    The fact is a new economics model must be used. The Cornucopian model, used by both capitalists and socialists has been thoroughly undone by current events …

    We need a hybrid governmental model with a socialist framework with a capitalistic economy for distribution … That is a sustainable economy that lets capitalism sort out the business while the socialist structure sorts out the incentives and disincentives of reward with a goal of a fair and sustainable country …

    Chavez dirty little secret is that his socialistic model exists from the profit of pollution …

    • I did really, really enjoy his comment though …

      If the Climate were a bank … it would have been fixed already!


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