Saudi warplanes rain ‘1,011 missiles’ on Yemen + ‘US aided’ deadly Yemen raids

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Dec. 19, 2009

Houthi fighters say Saudi warplanes have fired some 1,011 missiles on the borderline with Yemen where the Shia population is already under heavy state-led and US-aided bombardment.

The fighters also said on Saturday that the warplanes had carried out nearly 60 air assaults on the residential areas in the northern Al-Jabiri, Al-Dukhan and Al-Malaheet districts.


The Houthis said US attacks on Thursday killed 120 civilians, among whom were women and children. Also on Saturday, a report on the Houthis’ website said that three civilians, including a woman and a child, had been killed in fresh air raids carried out by US warplanes.

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These videos may contain images depicting the reality and horror of war/violence and should only be viewed by a mature audience.

U.S Kill 63 Civilians, 28 Children in Yemen Airstrikes

December 18, 2009

Saudi and U.S. Forces have been carrying out strikes on Yemeni suspected Al-Qaeda positions, which have killed many people over the last 6 months of conflict. This is a conflict rarely mentioned on news networks.

Watch Press TV for more on U.S. and Saudi strikes on Yemen.Here is a link to Press TV live:


‘US aided’ deadly Yemen raids – 19 Dec 09

December 19, 2009

The US provided firepower and intelligence to help the Yemeni government launch a series of deadly raids against suspected al-Qaeda bases in the country, the New York Times has reported.

Barack Obama, the US president approved the military and intelligence support after receiving a request from the Yemeni government, the newspaper reported late on Friday, citing officials familiar with the operations.

Al Jazeera’s Muhammad Vall travels to Yemen to see what Yemenis think of the development.


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Saudi air raids kill 54 civilians in northern Yemen-20 Dec 2009


Yemen: Pentagon’s War On The Arabian Peninsula by Rick Rozoff

Full video of alleged air strike aftermath in Yemen (Warning: Mature Audience Only – Graphic pics)

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